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Diana Frey's 1965 Imperial Lebaron

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By Diana Frey

I am the 3rd owner of the LeBaron. The first owner bought it new and kept it until she died, when it was sold just 4 years ago (and garage kept). The man that bought it from her put less than 2,000 miles on it (it has 88,000 now) and was getting a divorce and had to sell it. The first owner was only 4'9" and took the headrests off so she could see better over the seats. Unfortunately, the headrests were no where to be found. THAT has proven to be quite the "needle in a haystack" search, but believe it or not, I found someone who has a 65 that was used a derby car that is now being parted out AND had headrests!

My car needs only a few minor things and a re-paint, which is going to be done in March. It is Black-Plum w/black leather interior. The two passenger side window motors get replaced and I had to replace the Heater Core & Heater Control Valve. It has an exhaust leak that we will also fix. It runs great and the interior is in wonderful condition. It has AM/FM, even. I also have a 69 Newport Convertible and it only has AM. That one will be a complete restoration this year hopefully.

We are a true Mopar family; besides the '65 Imperial & '69 Newport, we have a '37 Plymouth Business Man's Special, '40 Plymouth P10 Deluxe, '78 RamCharger w/440, a '96 Sebring Convertible we rebuilt from salvage, a '96 Dodge Ram Truck, '99 Intrepid and a 2003 Durango 4x4. Next on my list is the Chrysler Crossfire Convertible......maybe next Christmas!!

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