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(the only?) 1971 Imperial Armbruster/Stageway Limousine

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Here are the pics of my second Imperial limo. (the white one) The black and the white ones are sequentially numbered which is pretty cool. This one was found in a wrecking yard in Sun Valley where a lot of movie props end up from the studios. One of the original sharks from the movie Jaws is hung up on display. Check out the production date from Stageway on this one. Is this the (one and only) '71 that was produced? Thanks, Mike and Joann Hoferitza

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We hope Mike and Joann will write in and tell us more about themselves, their other cars, and these very rare Limousines. See pictures of Mike and Joann's other Imperial Limousine by clicking on the "Limousine" button on the 1971 Year page.


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