Matthew Wappler's 1974 Imperial and 1977 Town & Country 

I live in Ontario, Canada. Although it is not pictured here, this coming summer I will be starting the restoration of my '75 in earnest. I am restoring my Dad's dream machine! The '75 has a freshly rebuilt 440 (Not the original, unfortunately). I still have to recondition the brake / fuel systems as well as cosmetic restoration (read body\paint&carpets).

My love affair with Chrysler wagons goes back to when I was about 5. My Dad got a 1971 Chrysler Town & Country 9 passenger wagon and I was hooked. I practically lived in the back seat and just loved that car. I can recall my dad taking the family to the Chrysler dealer to look at the new Imperial , it was there in the showroom that my Dad and I saw the restyled T&C....we were hooked, fender skirts and those wrap around tail lights.....this was a New Yorker Brougham, but in station wagon form. Well time passed and Dad sold the 71 (I was crushed) and we drove other Mopar cars. (My Dad ALWAYS drove a Mopar) They were cool too, but they just weren't a T&C - So in the early 80's my Dad bought a '74 Dodge Monaco Brougham wagon and I can remember being driven to the CN Tower for my birthday in that car with all my friends and family....just flying down the highway as only a 440 powered Mopar can. Well my Dad loved that Dodge - but it just wasn't top of the line. So shortly thereafter my Dad bought a 76 Town & Country ...fully loaded, trailer package, dual power seats - the works. We took that car everywhere...Florida twice etc. and it served us well. Well flash Forward...I'm now married, living in B.C. with 2 kids and a 3rd on the way....I need a family car!! I didn't want a mini van...I'd had so many good memories in that T&C , I wanted my kids to have that too. I chanced upon my T&C sitting at a local used car lot...but it wasn't for sale. I left my name and number and got a call a week later - seems the owners wife didn't like the car (he loved it and was sorry to see it go...he made sure I'd take care of it and not just rip out the engine and scrap the car.) We made a deal and the car's been with me ever since. I've driven this car from Vancouver Island to Ontario and it is a flawless performer. Here's the specs. 440 4bbl converted from Lean burn to Mopar Electronic Ignition. 9 passenger, power windows,locks, seats steering and brakes, tilt/telescopic steering, Auto temp II . Finished in F7 Sherwood Green metallic ..original paint.

Matthew Wappler

North Bay, Ontario


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