Jack Positioning On The 1990 - 1993 Chrysler Imperial

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When working on your Imperial (or similar model) you may need to jack up your car. To do this, there are some recommended jacking positions for both jacks, and then for jack stands.

Please remember to use jack stands whenever working under a jacked up car, jacks can fall over, and the last time anyone checked, cars weigh allot!

That said, the best spots for jack stands are on the K-frame rails. These are those metal rectangular rails which run under the floor boards from by the rear/middle of the car to the front wheel wells. These rails are the closest thing to a frame these semi-unibody Mopars has. When putting jack stands on these cars, make certain that they are stable before removing the jack.

Jacking the car can be done by the use of a floor jack, or a bottle-jack. The jack in the trunk for changing spare tires is for just that and shouldn't be used when working under the car. Besides the k-rails, the jacks can be positioned on the side bodies of the car near the jacking knobs on the rocker panels & front fenders. ONLY use the areas around these knobs when the body is in a sound shape, as this is often the first part of the car to go due to rust and body rot. Additionally, there are axle jacks which can be used, tire jacks, lifts, etc

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