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Intensive Training:

from Chrysler Times, First Quarter 1951

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Popular MTSC Awards granted by Chrysler Corporation

5-Year Membership Pocket Knife

10-Year Membership Ring

MTSC Golden Micrometer Award

Zippo Lighter Award

MTSC Conference Leader Pin

Per Staberg's MTSC Award Collection

Close-up of the Desktop Pen Set

Golden Wrench Set Award

7-Year Service Award Belt Buckle

1979 Service Award

1980 Service Award

1981 Service Award

1981 Service Award

1985 Service Award

1985 Service Award Detail

Golden Caliper Award

Golden Caliper Award (closeup)

5-Year Award Granted in 1953. Techy is standing upon a golden piston.

6-Year Award Granted in 1954. Techy is standing upon a Desk Calendar.

Techy is shown standing on an ashtray holding a pipe on this 9-Year Award presented in 1959.


Robert B. Brown shares the MTSC Awards his Father Samuel T. Brown was Awarded

Here is what Robert has to say about these Awards:

Here are two of my Father's Awards. The placard Award was for 6 years in the MTSC and the other is a pin...a little different from the one in the pictures above.

My Father Samuel T. Brown was a Dodge mechanic at L.L. Richardson, 50 Lake Street, Dallas, Pa. in the 1950's and 1960's.
He left that trade in 1969 to work for Proctor and Gamble.

My Father died in 1978 so I don't have the year he would have been presented this....however I believe it was in the late 1950's ....maybe (1957?).

Thanks for a great website. I have many of the MTSC booklets and would read them on cold winter days growing up in Pa.

Robert B. Brown, Fairfield, Ca.

Thank you Robert for sharing the pictures of these Awards and the story behind them.



Sent in by Carol Phipps, these two Awards were given to her Father.



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