1954 Pasadena Tournament of Roses Review

Featuring the Chrysler Imperial and Chrysler Imperial Rose

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Chrysler and Imperial were prominent in the 1954 Rose Parade, and three items of interest to fans of the Chrysler Imperial and Chrysler Imperial rose were included in the magazine for this year's parade: the story of the hybridization of the Chrysler Imperial rose, a picture of Chrysler's float entry, and a 1954 Chrysler Imperial advertisement found in no other publications that year.


The scanned images and text below were generously provided by Dave Duricy.


The Chrysler Imperial Rose

"'Life of an American Workman,' the title of the autobiography of the founder of Chrysler Corporation, Walter P. Chrysler, was the theme of the float entered this year by the City of Detroit in cooperation with Chrysler. Central figure of this year's entry was a heroic figure of an American workman striding out of the pages of the book and striking an anvil with a heavy hammer. Out from the anvil flow floral "sparks" and at the end of each of these was some product of Detroit's great workshop -- an automobile, a truck, a plane, a tank, a boat. The base of the float was covered with over 25,000 Chrysler Imperial Roses -- each one in its own individual tube of water to keep it fresh.

"The 'Chrysler Imperial Rose' originated from cross pollination made in Descanso Gardens, La Canada, California. Back in June of 1945 the Charlotte Armstrong was pollinated by the variety Mirandy and from the crossing of these roses came the Chrysler Imperial. Both parents were All American Rose Selections. The Charlotte Armstrong, cerise pink hybrid tea rose, won the award in 1940 and the Mirandy, a dark oxblood red rose, in 1945.

"Chosen by All American Rose Selections as one the two All America Rose winners for 1953, the 'Chrysler Imperial Rose' received its award from the Queen of the Tournament of Roses, Miss Nancy True Thorne, in presentation Ceremonies in Rockefeller Plaza, New York.

"Dr. Walter E. Lammerts of California, who is considered one of the outstanding rose hybridizers and authorities, developed the 'Chrysler Imperial Rose.' This rose is considered the 'ideal red exhibition rose' according to All America Rose Selections.

"A crimson red hybrid tea, the 'Chrysler Imperial Rose' produces an abundance of large flowers measuring up to five inches in diameter. The blooms have between 40 and 50 petals and last remarkably well in floral arrangements.

"Dr. Lammerts worked size years with thousands of seedlings before perfecting his beautiful hybrid. The All American Rose Selections award was made after years of tests in twenty All American Rose Selections trial garden throughout the United States."

CAPTION: "Dr. Walter E. Lammerts of Descanso Gardens, La Canada, developed the 'Chrysler Imperial Rose' after six years of experimentation with thousands of seedlings."



Float: "Life of an American Workman"



"'Life of an American Workman' -- Entered by the City of Detroit. The heroic figure of an American industrial worker strides from the pages of an open book in the first Rose Parade entry from the City of Detroit. The worker is wielding a massive hammer that sends out flashing floral sparks which terminate in an automobile, a plane, a boat, a truck and other products of this great Michigan metropolis. The base of the float is a rich bed of 25,000 Chrysler Imperial roses."





Advertisement: Imperial by Chrysler


"Mr. Avery C. Adams, Pres. Pittsburgh Steel Co.

"Mr. Donald Douglas, Pres. Douglas Aircraft Co.

"Mr. Carl M. King, Mayor Burbank, California

"Mr. Harold S. Vanderbilt, Director New York Central Systems and First National Bank of N. Y.

"Mr. Henry H. Windsor, Jr. Publisher, Popular Mechanics"

(right cell) "It may be that your judgment in the selection of a fine motorcar already parallels that of many of today's most eminent Americans -- you may already be driving an Imperial by Chrysler. If not, we invite you to discover true highway supremacy -- in power, in performance, and deftness of control. Indeed, it will only take minutes for you to realize how certainly the power of leadership is your in an Imperial by Chrysler."




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