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July 10-11 1999

I have just returned from one of the biggest shows of it's kind in the U.K. The Americana is more than just a car show. It is a celebration of all things American and a damn good excuse to get away for a weekend and enjoy yourself. Thanks to a blazing hot weekend, all the great classics were on display from Edsels to Studebakers. But best of all among the hundreds of Fords, Buicks, Chevys and countless Caddilacs we managed to put together 6 Imperials ranging from '57 to '63. Considering how rare these cars are, that's not bad. Four of the six are in outstanding condition and the other two are very restorable. I am sending "Papa" Tony one or two pictures which he may want to put on the web. Apart from Colin Knight our fellow IML'er, the other owners did not know of our group so Colin and I tried very hard to persuade the others to join. All in all, a very successful weekend. We consumed far more alcohol than was good for us, salivated over cars we could never possibly afford and listened to some great bands. Not to mention the pleasure of driving there and back in our outrageous landyachts. I am already looking forward to next year. Best wishes Tony V.

Colins White '57 Tony V's 61 Ian Gardners 59(not an Iml member)

Tony V(his shirt says "your car is my crumple zone") Colin Knight, and Ian Gardner

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