2006 Anniston Fall Gathering

September 22-24, 2006


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The weather for this fall's Anniston Packard and Imperial Gathering was fantastic, with plenty of shade under the trees providing the perfect background for a gathering of vintage cars and fine folks.  Several cars that were new to the event made an appearance at this meet, much to the delight of all who attended.

Special thanks go to Donald Taccone for organizing this event and providing delicious food and spirits!

1938 Packard Super Eight
Tim Stout's 1938 Packard
Ian Dexter's 1946 Packard Super Clipper
1950 Imperial
Bart Tarpley's 1951 Packard Convertible
1953 Packard Clipper
Donald Taccone's 1956 Packard Patrician
Mitch Parker's 1956 Clipper Super
John McCall's 1956 Clipper Super
Robert Soule's 1965 Chrysler New Yorker
Ed Noble's 1969 Imperial LeBaron
Elijah Scott's 1971 Imperial LeBaron
Dudley Morrison's 1980 Chrysler New Yorker
If ever there was a little lost puppy of an Imperial, this one was it.  A bystander reported an Imperial parked a few blocks down the street, so naturally, we HAD to go check it out!!!  Don Nonnweiler and Elijah Scott piled into Ed Noble's 1969 Imperial LeBaron and the hunt was on.  What we found was . . . well, sad.

This 1969 Imperial LeBaron two door hardtop (1 of 4,572 produced that year) had clearly seen better days.  While we were looking it over, a gentleman stopped and gave us the scoop on the car -- he had driven it to Anniston WITHOUT a windshield, wearing the goggles he used "to go four-wheeling."  The car had evidently been without a windshield for some time, as the pictures show.  This one wouldn't be a project for the faint of heart, but it probably could be rescued.


And what's an old car show without a little roadside repair?  John Shuty's Barracuda had a minor electricl gremlin that stranded him in downtown Anniston--so an Imperial came to the rescue!  After a couple of trips to the auto parts store, he was back on the road.



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