2008 Anniston Spring Gathering

April 18-20, 2008


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The weather for this fall's Anniston Packard and Imperial Gathering was fantastic, with plenty of shade under the trees providing the perfect background for a gathering of vintage cars and fine folks.  Several cars that were new to the event made an appearance at this meet, much to the delight of all who attended.

Special thanks go to Donald Taccone and Debbie Brown for organizing this event and providing delicious food and spirits!

1932 Packard
Tim Stout's 1938 Packard
Mike Hanna's 1947 Packard Clipper DeLuxe


1953 Packard Clipper
Donald Taccone's 1956 Packard Patrician


Don Nonweiler's 1959 Imperial Crown
1960 Imperial Crown

Pete Morgan's 1967 Imperial Crown
Robert Soule's 1968 Imperial Crown
Ed Noble's 1969 Imperial LeBaron
Lincoln Continental Mark III and Mark V
For some of us, the "show" started before we even got to Anniston!  As Elijah and Nicole drove from our home near Ringgold, GA, to Anniston, we spotted some vintage Mopars along the way.
Hey, what's that in the mirror?!?!?!?!  One quick sighting along the way was this mid-'90s Chrysler New Yorker.  Had to try to snap a quick shot or two on the road!  Kind of hard to think of the '90s Chryslers as "vintage," but a '90 New Yorker would be 18 years old now, eh?
Later we hit the jackpot!  Tucked away on a little back road was a haven for old iron, including lots of Mopars and other fun stuff!

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