September 1998 Atlanta Meet 

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On September 13, 1998, the second Atlanta Meet was held, again at the Southern Center for International Studies.  The weather was beautiful that day, and so were the many cars that attended, as the pictures below show.  The turnout for this meet was fantastic -- over 17 Imperials attended, ranging from a 1962 Crown Convertible to a 1981 Imperial, and including an example of every body style from the 1964-1966 era (Crown Coupe, Crown Convertible, Crown 4-door, LeBaron 4-door, and Ghia Limousine).

This event came about as a successor to the first Atlanta "Meet," which was held on May 16, 1998.  This first meet was not really a formal car show, but was more of an informal gathering of a few Imperial owners and fans in the Atlanta, GA, area.  We all had so much fun at the gathering in May that we decided that we HAD to have another one as soon as possible!  This gathering has led to an ongoing series of yearly gatherings for Imperial owners and admirers in the Southeast.

This gorgeous 1964 Ghia Crown Imperial limousine belonged to Cecil McCall.  The car has an interesting history was the crown jewel of the meet.  Astute observers will note the 1966 Imperial grill, a change made by the original owner in 1966.

John Muller owned this 1967 Imperial LeBaron.  This car had been a gift from Chrysler to Bob Hope, and was used for promotional purposes. It has some unusual features, such as non-tinted glass, which allowed for filming of the occupants of the car.

This 1967 Imperial Crown Coupe was in beautiful condition inside and out.

Mark McDonald's 1968 Imperial Crown convertible.

Elijah Scott's 1971 Imperial LeBaron.

The '81 Imperial in these pictures belonged to Christopher Conway, as does the '78 New Yorker Brougham.
This 1979 Chrysler New Yorker Fifth Avenue was in excellent condition.  The Fifth Avenue for '79 was a special edition and is quite rare now.

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