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This year at Carlisle was my (Elijah Scott) first time to attend the All Chrysler Nationals. What a great weekend! Although there wasn't as much Imperial "stuff" among the vendor stalls as I had hoped, I still managed to find some useful parts. I also had the chance to meet some fellow Imperial owners and see some beautiful cars. Heck, there were even some non-Imperial cars there too! Actually, there were probably around 25 or so Imperials in attendance at this year's show -- a nice turnout! IML member Dave Brown had secured a tent for the Imperial Mailing List, so we had a shady place to rest between walking trips (thanks Dave!). One of the best things about this year's event was the weather, which was absolutely fantastic! Clear, sunny, and cool, with some nice white puffy clouds to offset a blue sky -- couldn't have asked for better.

I traveled to Carlisle with fellow IML members Jeff Carrothers (MS), Kerry Pinkerton (AL), and Robert Soule (TN). Since I'm from Georgia, we had a pretty good representation for the South! And since all four of us are slightly crazy, we had a fun trip. The following pictures are mostly shots that I took while wandering about on the show grounds. There are also some shots from fellow IML member Bill White (thanks Bill!). I admit that my main interest at Carlisle was Imperials, but I took some pictures of other things that caught my eye too.

One important disclaimer -- I'm really not good with names, so I'm bound to misspell or just plain miss someone's name along the way. If you see a needed correction, please let me know at escott@mail.gcsu.edu. Thanks!

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Imperial Mailing List member Dieter Balogh was present with his '55 Imperial coupe.
Frank Burock and Kerry Pinkerton discuss some of the finer aspects of Imperial ownership. Frank's '73 Imperial LeBaron is in the background, behind Dieter's '55 Imperial.
The smooth, clean lines of the '55 are absolutely classic!
This '57 Imperial, owned by Kristen Fallstich, appeared in the "Survivors" area. The "Survivors" area at Carlisle is devoted to cars that are all original, and this year's display featured many beautiful examples.
The front of Kristen's '57 Imperial is a prime example of the beauty of an original car. A few stone chips only serve to add character and dignity to the beautifully designed Imperial insignia.
This '62 Imperial Crown two door hardtop was stunning!
In this photo, Jeff Carrothers admires the interior and instrument cluster of the '62 Crown.
This shot shows just how well the '62 lines blend in the last vestiges of the earlier finned era.
All in all, this '62 was a superb example of one of Imperial's finest styling expressions.
Quite by accident, I got this pretty nifty shot of Jeff Carrothers standing next to the '62 Crown. Although the "Forward Look" theme was discontinued before '62, Jeff certainly appears to be enjoying looking forward at this Imperial!
This beautiful '64 Imperial Crown Coupe belonged to Jim.
From any angle, this car looked NICE.
And the interior is just as nice as the exterior. The Imperial "aircraft style" bucket seats are especially impressive.
IML member Dave Brown brought his '66 LeBaron to the show.
Dave's '66 is a fine example of the LeBaron for that year.
The interior of this '66 Crown convertible demonstrates the opulent luxury presented by Imperial.
IML member Carl Geffen was in attendance with his gorgeous '68 Imperial Crown convertible.
A red Imperial with a white leather interior is bound to get attention, and Carl's certainly did.
Carl's convertible demonstrates the clean lines of the '67-'68 design.
Gee . . . that Imperial looks ready for a cruise!
This shot shows Carl Geffen's '68 Imperial and Robert Soule's '68 Newport parked by the IML tent.
Usually, the '67-'68 taillights command a lot of attention. But with so much red on the car, they just sort of blend in.
The interior of this convertible is as lavish and luxurious as any Imperial. All that bronze is stunning! Especially note the optional 8-track player.
Inviting, isn't it? Now that's a LOT of white leather!
By Sunday, Carl's '68 had developed a "weepy" water pump. Carl, Kerry Pinkerton, Jeff Carrothers, and Robert Soule examined the problem.
This nice '69 Imperial LeBaron two door hardtop belonged to IML member Bob Boyd. '69 was the first year Imperial offered a two door LeBaron. Interestingly enough, the two door LeBaron far outsold the Crown Coupe, making the Crown Coupe for '69 a rather rare find.
As always, the Imperial offered a tastefully luxurious interior for '69.
This '69 Imperial LeBaron four door hardtop was for sale at Carlisle. It was a beautiful, original car (with the exception of the added hood ornament).
Not being able to resist temptation, I took this Imperial for a test drive. I was very impressed! Unfortunately, my wallet couldn't quite cough up the $5,000 asking price.
The '69 Imperial uses a unique grill and turn signal. The wrap-around bumper is an essential component of the Fuselage style.
Green's not really my favorite color, but this '69 sure caught my eye.
Where'd that Cheby come from? Oh -- it's just Imperial luggage!
The '69 rear bumper is also a unique, one-year design.
The sun seemed to really like this car -- and so did my camera!
Talk about a multi-use vehicle: it's a decklid, AND a table for six!
Abstract architecture? Nah, just a '69 Imperial turn signal.
Yes, this '69 was for sale -- here's the window sticker.
This '71 Imperial LeBaron two door hardtop belonged to IML member Bob May. For '71, Imperial was limited to the LeBaron two and four door hardtops, the Crown series making its last appearance in '70, and the sedan making its final appearance in '69.
The '71 LeBaron two door has some very interesting differences from the four door, even in exterior styling.
This side of the '71 Imperial is a long, clean line, accentuated by a thin strip of trim.
Amazingly enough, the rear bumper for the '71 Imperial coupe is different than that of the four door hardtop.
This '72 Imperial LeBaron four door hardtop made a beautiful appearance, but also sported some interesting modifications.
The owner of this Imperial obviously takes great pride in Imperial ownership -- and rightly so!
Performance is obviously a high priority for the owner of this '72 Imperial.
This '73 Imperial LeBaron four door hardtop belongs to IML member Frank Burock, standing to the right of the car.
Kerry Pinkerton, also a '73 Imperial owner, discusses fuselage life with Frank Burock.
"Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers?" Nah -- just Imperial's answer to the federally-mandated 5 mph crash test bumper regulations: big chunks 'o rubber on the front and rear bumpers. Sure makes parallel parking easier!
The '72-'75 Imperial uses this side marker light -- a tasteful blending of functionality with the Imperial crest.
Kerry Pinkerton admires the vinyl top on Frank Burock's '73 Imperial.
This '73 Imperial belongs to IML member Pete Teubel.
The black-on-red color combination is hard to beat!
This black '77 New Yorker Brougham was especially nice.
From every angle, this car looked great!
If you've never had the pleasure of sitting in the pillow-cushioned seats (introduced on the '73 Imperial), you've missed a treat. I'm always amazed at how comfortable this style of seating is. The velour inserts on the door panels certainly add to the lavish appeal of the New Yorker Brougham interior.
I especially liked this '76 New Yorker with the St. Regis package.
What's the St. Regis package? Notice the forward-padded vinyl top and enclosed rear side glass. The leather interior makes the perfect compliment to the vinyl roof.
This '81 Imperial made a stunning presentation in formal black.
The clean, crisp design still looks fresh and new (at least to the eyes of this child-of-the-'70s observer).
This '83 Imperial came to Carlisle from Canada. It was a beautiful example of Chrysler's finest for the time period.
Interior luxury at its finest!
Nothing compliments a beautiful day like a row of beautiful Imperials -- and a New Yorker!
And they're just as pretty from behind.
Jeff and Kerry admired this '59 DeSoto Firedome. Even though the handwriting was on the wall for DeSoto (discontinued in '61), DeSoto still made an impressive presentation for '59.
This '64 300 J convertible was in the car corral.
And even though the styling for '64 was less flamboyant than previous years, the 413 beneath the hood was no less potent.
The Zippo Lighter car was one of the highpoints of the show.
This car embodies the best of both '40s Chrysler style as well as contemporary advertising flair.
Zippo's idea of "flames" on a car really means business!
Chrysler Corporation's styling was still in the lead for 1961. This 300 G is a prime example of the best of Virgil Exner's design skills.
My eyes naturally swiveled over to this '61 Chrysler 300 G. It's a real head -- and seat! -- turner.
The interior of this 300 G is just as beautiful as the exterior. The "AstraDome" instrument cluster design is stunning!
This view is all the competition got to see of the '61 Chrysler 300 G. For '61, the Chrysler 300 was definitely in the lead. But at least Exner gave drivers of those "other" brands something nice to look at.
Even though the car is a '61 300 G, the 300 C emblem makes a nice presentation on this metallic paint.
I was especially impressed by the paisley vinyl top on this Plymouth Gran Coupe. Viva la '70s! Also please note that this is not the much-discussed paisley top offered on the '71 Imperial.
IML member Dave Brown secured a tent for the IML at the show. Lots of folks wandered through throughout the weekend, allowing many of us who are "virtual" friends to meet in person for the first time.
The Three Amigos! My trusty (crusty?) traveling companions, Robert Soule, Kerry Pinkerton, and Jeff Carrothers. Jeff borrowed the "hat" from Kerry, but thankfully replaced it with one he bought later in the day.
Using an example we found at our hotel parking lot, Kerry Pinkerton demonstrates how NOT to do rust repair!

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