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The All Chrysler Nationals at Carlisle, PA, was well-attended by Imperial owners and enthusiasts for 2002.  Not only did we have our own tent reserved, but we even managed to convince the folks at Carlisle that Imperial deserved it's own class!  Even so, we still ran out of space for all the Imperials that attended -- which was a SUPER problem to have!  

Group Photo -- when was the last time this many Online Imperial Club members were in one place at one time??

Front row kneeling (left to right): ???, Mark Harris, Mark Jefferson, Henry Hopkins, Neal Herman, Kerry Pinkerton, Bob May.

Second Row, standing, left to right: John Corey, Chris Hawkins, Jeff Carrothers, Mike Pittinaro, Ben Maynard, Christina and Murray Park, Richard Palmer, ???, Ed Trenn, ???, Jim Rado, Gary Hasey, Robert Soule, ??? Jan Witte, Jim Stacey, Charles Tynes, Dan Wing, Steve Charette.


0IMLTent2.jpg (71482 bytes)

A HUGE word of thanks goes to Mark Jefferson who worked tirelessly to convince the organizers at Carlisle that Imperials need their own class!  His efforts paid off and we had our own section on the showfield.  Mark also worked to secure a tent for the Imperial Mailing List, which all of us enjoyed during the show.  Mark sure deserves a gold Imperial crown for all his hard work!


Cars Appearing on the Showfield

Year Model Owner
1952 Imperial Custom Roger Stevens
1957 Imperial Custom 2 Door (Survivor Display) Kristen Fallstich
1958 Imperial LeBaron  
1959 Imperial Crown Convertible James Dellinger
1959 Imperial Crown 2 Door Charles Tynes
1959 Imperial Crown 4 Door Southampton Neal Herman
1961 Imperial Crown 4 door Southampton John Corey
1962 Imperial Custom 4 door Southampton Mike & Mary Garceau
1962 Imperial Crown 2 door Tony Blagrave
1962 Imperial Crown Convertible Brian Cirrillo
1964 Imperial Crown Coupe Jim Rado
1964 Imperial Crown 4 door Andrew McGilvray
1965 Imperial Crown Convertible Rob Kidd
1965 Imperial LeBaron  
1966 Imperial Crown Coupe Daniel Burke
1966 Imperial Crown 4 door Clark Thomas
1966  Imperial Crown 4 door Bob Siliani
1967 Imperial Crown 4 door Mike Pittinaro
1967 Imperial LeBaron Mark Jefferson
1968 Imperial Crown convertible Bob Hanekamp
1968 Imperial LeBaron  
1971 Imperial LeBaron Elijah Scott
1981 Imperial Andy Summers
1982 Imperial Don Kemper
1983 Imperial Dan Wing

One important disclaimer -- I'm really not good with names, so I'm bound to misspell or just plain miss someone's name along the way. If you see a needed correction, please let me know at Imperial1971@yahoo.com. Thanks!

Although our Imperials were not in a "judged" class, they were up for People's Choice Awards.  The winners for this year's show can be seen at the Cars at Carlisle website.


818283.jpg (55319 bytes) early60s.jpg (61897 bytes) generations.jpg (72445 bytes) Mvc-8821s.jpg (38563 bytes) Mvc-890s.jpg (38951 bytes)
Three '81-2-3 Imperials and . . . . . . a whole row of tail fins! Robb Kidd's convertible and Roger Stevens' '52 Imperial. Imperial Row! Imperials as far as the eye can see.
Mvc-891s.jpg (38200 bytes) Mvc-9021s.jpg (40815 bytes) 0523.jpg (82814 bytes) 0521.jpg (75399 bytes) 0522.jpg (84141 bytes)
A view from the rear. Roger Stevens' '52 Imperial

Mvc-001s.jpg (39815 bytes)

Mvc-002s.jpg (37498 bytes) Mvc-003s.jpg (38120 bytes) Mvc-005s.jpg (37406 bytes) Mvc-006s.jpg (37790 bytes)
Mvc-007s.jpg (37053 bytes) Mvc-004s.jpg (36713 bytes) Mvc-008s.jpg (40816 bytes) Mvc-009s.jpg (38595 bytes) Mvc-008s.jpg (40816 bytes)
1958 Imperial LeBaron Southampton.  Notice the rear bumper, unique to '58.
Mvc-8751s.jpg (39775 bytes) Mvc-8901s.jpg (40065 bytes) 059Conv.jpg (91454 bytes) 059Conv2.jpg (87777 bytes) 059Conv3.jpg (82957 bytes)
James Dellinger's '59 Crown Convertible
Mvc-8881s.jpg (40071 bytes) 0Herman1.jpg (74803 bytes) 0Herman2.jpg (77640 bytes) Mvc-8981s.jpg (40737 bytes) Mvc-8991s.jpg (39652 bytes)
Neal Herman's '59 Crown Charles Tynes' '59 Crown 2 door
Mvc-9001s.jpg (36505 bytes) 061.jpg (79592 bytes) Mvc-8701s.jpg (38913 bytes) Mvc-8871s.jpg (38644 bytes) Mvc-904s.jpg (37611 bytes)
Interior shot of Charles Tynes' '59 Crown 2 door hardtop  John Corey's 1961 Imperial Crown parts car (NOT!)
Mvc-010s.jpg (39050 bytes) Mvc-8961s.jpg (40420 bytes) Mvc-8771s.jpg (40404 bytes) 0623.jpg (67591 bytes) 0622.jpg (88337 bytes)
Mike & Mary Garceau's '62 Imperial Custom Tony Blagrave's '62 Crown
062.jpg (96282 bytes) Mvc_001e.jpg (13007 bytes) Mvc-8971s.jpg (39496 bytes) Mvc_002e.jpg (12922 bytes) Mvc-8911s.jpg (38970 bytes)
Tony Blagrave's '62 Crown Brian Cirrillo's '62 Crown Convertible
064.jpg (88006 bytes) Mvc-892s.jpg (38432 bytes) Mvc-894s.jpg (39708 bytes) 0642.jpg (86490 bytes) 0643.jpg (86909 bytes)
Andrew McGilvray's 1964 Crown
  0Rado.jpg (99907 bytes) Mvc-9011s.jpg (40233 bytes) Mvc-8721s.jpg (38597 bytes)  
  Jim Rado's 1964 Imperial Crown Coupe '65 LeBaron  
Mvc-9031s.jpg (38646 bytes) Mvc-9041s.jpg (38634 bytes) 065convertible.jpg (73936 bytes) 065convertible2.jpg (92973 bytes)  
Rob Kidd's '65 Crown Convertible  
Mvc-9051s.jpg (40821 bytes) 0661.jpg (61909 bytes) Mvc-8711s.jpg (39614 bytes) 0662.jpg (75625 bytes) 0663.jpg (79764 bytes)
0664.jpg (77421 bytes) Mvc-888s.jpg (37234 bytes) Mvc-887s.jpg (40091 bytes) 0665.jpg (52632 bytes) 0666.jpg (79780 bytes)
Bob Siliani's '66 Imperial LeBaron
0667.jpg (77079 bytes) Mvc-889s.jpg (36079 bytes) Mvc-896s.jpg (40279 bytes) 066999.jpg (44050 bytes) Mvc-895s.jpg (40212 bytes)
Bob Siliani's '66 Imperial LeBaron Clark Thomas' '66 Crown
Mvc-8791s.jpg (40265 bytes) Mvc-8891s.jpg (38105 bytes) Mvc-8801s.jpg (40373 bytes) Mvc-893s.jpg (40626 bytes) 068.jpg (78195 bytes)
Daniel Burke's '66 Crown Coupe Mark Jefferson's '68 LeBaron
Mvc-8811s.jpg (38558 bytes) Mvc-897s.jpg (40009 bytes) Mvc-898s.jpg (40042 bytes) Mvc-899s.jpg (38919 bytes) Mvc-900s.jpg (38878 bytes)
Bob Hanekamp's '68 Crown Convertible 1968 Imperial LeBaron
Mvc-901s.jpg (39888 bytes) Mvc-8781s.jpg (40903 bytes) Mvc-8731s.jpg (38697 bytes) Mvc-8951s.jpg (38745 bytes) Mvc-902s.jpg (40573 bytes)
Bob Hanekamp's '68 Crown Convertible and a '68 LeBaron Elijah Scott's '71 Imperial LeBaron Andy Summers' 1981 Imperial Manhattan Jack's 1981 Imperial
Mvc-903s.jpg (39802 bytes) Mvc-8941s.jpg (40067 bytes) Mvc-8741s.jpg (40491 bytes) Mvc-8931s.jpg (38968 bytes) Mvc-8761s.jpg (40659 bytes)
Manhattan Jack's 1981 Imperial Don Kemper's 1982 Imperial Dan Wing's '83 Imperial



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