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2004 Carlisle All Chrysler Nationals

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For the second year, Imperial again received its own class for judging!  This is quite a victory in gaining recognition for our marque. 

Congratulations to the following Imperial owners who won prizes:

First Place 1967  Imperial Crown Convertible Ronald Popolizio
Second Place 1968 Imperial Crown  Convertible Robert Hanekamp
Third Place 1962 Imperial Crown Tony Blagrave


The All-Chrysler Nationals was a HUGE success in 2004! I arrived on Saturday morning in my 1964 Crown Coupe around 11:45 or so, and there was NO parking left in the Imperial section!  This was mostly due to the fact that Five VIPERS had stolen parking spots in the Imperial class. I had convoyed from NJ with my friend Greg in his 67 Crown. In total, we counted 23 Imperials that were on display. The indoor special displays had two Imperials this year.  First was a 1964 Imperial Ghia Limousine that was in use during the Kennedy administration and was personally used by Jackie Kennedy. This car is owned by our own Jan Witte on the IML. The other Imperial was a 1963 Imperial Crown four door that was in "better-than-new" condition. This '63 was a FLAWLESS car. Also on special display in the Original Survivors section was last year's First Place winner in the Imperial class: a 1956 Imperial four door owned by Anthony and Valerie from West Virginia. The Imperial class had many cars and I will do my best to list what I saw:

  • '31(?) Imperial 

  • '56 Imperial four door sedan (2)

  • '61 Imperial LeBaron (for sale in car corral)

  • '62 Imperial Crown 

  • '62 Imperial Crown Coupe 

  • '64 Imperial Crown Coupe

  • '65 Imperial Crown Convertible

  • '66 Imperial Crown Convertible 

  • '67 Imperial Crown Coupe

  • '67 Imperial Crown

  • '67 Imperial Crown Convertible 

  • '68 Imperial Crown Convertible (2)

  • '68 Imperial Crown 

  • '68 Imperial LeBaron

  • '73 Imperial LeBaron four door (2) 

  • (4) '81, '82, '83 Imperials

Saturday afternoon around 5:00 p.m., we kicked off our FIRST ANNUAL IML BBQ at the club tent. Our own Mike Pittinaro brought a propane grill and treated us to his culinary skills. It was also his birthday! We had London Broil, cube steaks, hamburgers, chicken burgers, hotdogs, a variety of cold salads, homemade baked beans, a vegetable platter, and a large cake from WalMart that was decorated with the homepage from Many IML people were there and I finally got to put some faces with email addresses. We had plenty of food. Everyone was generous with their contributions which helped make the BBQ a big success. Thanks for grilling MIKE!!! The weather was quite cooperative this year--a comfortable breeze was blowing and Sunday was overcast and humid but not too hot to enjoy the festivities. I was the last Imperial to leave around 4:30. We did not meet the quota of 25 cars on the showfield from our IML Club, so next year's tent will cost money again. I will verify with Carlisle productions, but I think that half the cars were from IML. Please try to make plans NOW to attend next year's show in July!  Get your Imperials running and roadworthy to make it to Carlisle and back home again. Thanks to everyone who helped out with the BBQ and I look forward to seeing everyone again next year.  Dave Brown--'64 Crown Coupe

The complete list of winners for this year's show can be seen at the Cars at Carlisle website.  Imperial was class Y-8 at this year's show.

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