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These are all pictures taken by Member Dave Brown (president of NE Imperial Owners Club) at Carlisle 1999 He got a lot of pictures and we will need some help identifying them all.. So If you recognize your Imperial please email me with some Information about it!!

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62 Coupe

58 convertible

66 LeBaron Script

Clark and Mary Thomas' 66 Crown 4drht

I obtained it just recently and this was it's maiden voyage to Carlisle '99 ( with many more to come - we hope). The car is not a restoration- it is an original. We bought it from a friend that got it as a result of a courtship. Many years ago my wife Mary took music lessons from a Mr. Hime in Bel Air, Md. We have not seen him for many years but heard that he was a widower. Across the street was the couple that owned this beautiful Crown , which they bought new in '66. Her husband passed on about 1985 and she apparently didn't drive, so this car sat in her garage for about 14 years- pretty much left alone. Enter Cupid, and Mr. Hime and Mrs Clare( with the Imperial ) fell in love. He came to buy a '99 Lincoln at the local dealer and told the salesman( our friend) that half of the new Lincoln was a gift to Mrs. Clare. This prompted her to say that she no longer wanted this Imperial. So we obtained it from her by way of our friend who went to get it. He had thoughts of keeping it since it is really in great condition, but he gave us a good deal so We're now in the Imperial world. ( I should say here that this has been a most enjoyable venture). The car has about 73K miles, no rust, no interior damage-still has what look like 1966 floor mats on the floor. The paint is Regal blue and is overall very good-- has the few door dings and chips that 33 years might be expected to yield. The only bad section is the rear edge of the trunk lid. I've made an appointment with a paint shop to have that redone. All the other major mechanicals are in great shape. I have had to do the things that any car sitiing for 14 years has to have done-- the exhaust system, the battery, shocks,A/C repaired,one rear axle bearing, several bulbs and wiring corrosion problems,and added a MOPAR electronic ignition. Oh, almost forgot, I also put new tires(still had the old bias- belted) . That's about all. We are really beginning to love this car. It rides great! Recently, Mrs Clare came back for service with her new husband and new Lincoln and told my friend that sold her the car that she really liked the Lincoln but she said " This Lincoln will never ride as good as my old Imperial". That sums it up for us, too. The three photos above that set that are also unlabeled are also shots of our Crown. I believe that the engine photo was taken to show the correct original air cleaner ( it has the Imperial name affixed to the top of the cleaner). There were several people that commented about the air cleaner. The rest of the car is almost all original.

Imperial spotted in parking lot


Dave Browns 66 LeBaron, with Clark Thomas's 66 Crown 4d



68 LeBaron Front


The 65 convertible shown in the picture of the dash board belongs to me, Gene Satterfield from North Syracuse, New York. It is painted silver mist and has red leather interior. This car has been in the family for 31 years   65 Convertible in Car Corral

  Member Don Stratton's 62 Imperial Convertible IML member Paul Elosage's 65 crown 4dr

Purple? 66 Crown Coupe in Car corral


a Very nice 33 Imperial


73 Imperial belonging to member Pete Teubel


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