2002 Cascade Loop Run

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Leaving Seattle Seattle Caravan Arriving Portland  
Leaving Seattle Seattle Caravan at Rest Stop Seattle Caravan Arrives Portland  
Loren Jim Harris Doug  
Loren in his '64 arriving Jim and Connie Harris in 57 Doug and Kathy in Phoenix  
Troutdale First Stop in Gorge Woodie Brigade  
Meeting the rest of group in Troutdale First Stop on the Gorge Scenic Hwy Woodie Brigade Bringing up the Rear  
Group Dave Duthie's 67 Ken Miller's 61  
Dave's 67, Mikey's 62, Leslie's Ferd Dave Duthie's 67 Convertible Ken Miller's 61 Convertible  
Jim's 57 and Doug's 61 Phoenix Jim Harris 64 and 81  
Jim's 57 , Doug's 61 Phoenix Jim's 57 Loren's 64 and Rogers 81  
View Bridal Veil Falls Bridal Veil  Falls  
View from first Stop Bridal Veil falls which was a half mile hike. Falls Again  
Mikey and Kid  
Mikey and Kid at bottom of Falls      
57  & 81 Hood River Hotel Lunch Stop  
Jim's 57 Rogers 81 Group at Hood River Hotel Lunch Stop  
Jim Harris - 57 Dodge 500 Tail light 57 Dodge 500 Interior 57 Dodge 500  
Detailed Shots of Jim's Car 57 Dodge 500 Interior  
Side Marker Front of 57 Dodge 500 Engine  
Side Marker Front Engine  
Hood Air Cleaners Ken Miller  
Reflection Of Engine in Hood Close up of Football Shaped Air Cleaners Ken Miller in his 61  
Dave and 67 Vert View of Mt Hood Mt. Hood  
Dave Duthie & 67 In front of Hood River Hotel View of Mt. Hood from Loren's 64 Photo Op at bottom of Mt. Hood  
Wagoneer and Ford Cars at Hood  Lorens 64 Dougs 61  
Erik's 76 Wagoneer and Leslie's 68 Ford Ltd. Wagon behind Imperials Photo Op Loren's 64 Doug's 61 Phoenix  
Fin at Mt Hood Loren's 64 and Mt. Hood The Line up  
Ken Millers Fin and Mt. Hood 64 "Roamin Red" at Mt. Hood The Line up  
The Line Up View through Ford Roof Rack Dougs Phoenix  
Another Shot of the Line up Through the Roof Rack of a Ford Doug's Phoenix headed for next stop  
67 and 61 Convertibles the View to the rear  
67 and 61 Verts The View out Loren's Back window    
Kens 61 Daily Bath Approaching Bend  
Ken Millers 61 Loren's Daily bathing of Roamin Red    
Between sisters and Bend Between Bend and Corvallis  
View between Bend and Sisters   On the Way to Corvallis  
Lunch in Corvallis Group arrives at Beach Enjoying the View  
Lunch stop in Corvallis at what once was a train Station Erik, Jan, Leslie, Doug, Bob, Patty, Bill, Roger, Bill, Kathy Enjoying the View  
Group Enjoys outstanding weather at Beach Tillamook Air Museum Group at Air Museum  
Loren, Bill, Erik, Roger, Leslie, Doug, Bill Tillamook Air Museum Front Ends at Tillamook Air Museum  
Inside of Blimp Hanger Inside Of Blimp Hanger  
  Plane inside of Tillamook Air Museum which is housed in a Blimp hanger. Bill's 66, Loren's 64, Doug's Phoenix in front of Blimp Hanger at Tillamook Air Museum  


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