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Cascade Loop
This is the tale of the Cascade Cruise and the five intrepid cars that journeyed together. Actually they weren't Intrepids; there were three Imperials and two DeSotos.

We met at Waddle's Restaurant in Portland under a grey sky Saturday morning July 5th at 9:00. Waddle's has been Portland landmark for sixty-some years but will be torn down in April, 2004.

[2 PIX- Roy & Myrna Ashbjornsen's '61 DeSoto and Roger van Hoy's '58 DeSoto; Bryan St. Mary's '59, Ken Miller's '61, Dave and Patty Duthie's '64 Imps]

At 10:00 we headed east on WA State Route 14. Some of the Imperials were already thirsty, so we made our first stop for gas in Washougal. 16 miles down already.

The clouds soon cleared and we were treated to beautiful vistas of the mighty Columbia River Gorge, the only natural
cut through any of the western states from inland to the Pacific Ocean

58 Desoto, 59 Imperial,  64 Imperial
Desoto Fins
E on State Route 14b
Our next rest break was at Stevenson, WA, a small town on the river founded in 1907 as a supply and trading stop for the river boats. From the pier we were able to see many windsurfers. [3 pix]
Stevenson WA
58 desoto, 61 Desoto, 59 Imperial, 61 Imperial, 64 Imperial
Next stop, Memaloose Rest Area. Memaloose Island was once an Indian burial spot until Bonneville Dam raised the water level about 70'. [2 pix]
Memaloose Rest Stop
59 Imperial
We took a lunch break at Maryhill Museum, built by the eccentric tycoon Sam Hill to house displays of art, fashion dolls, Roumanian thrones, Indian baskets, original Rodin sculptures, and Loie Fuller fan dancing displays. While some toured the museum, others ate lunch on the grounds and watched the peacocks. [1 pic]

We then proceeded north on US 97, through the Klickitat Valley, with Mt. Adams looming gracefully to the west, making good time with the '58 DeSoto in the lead. [2 pix]
Maryhill Museum
Cruising SR 97b in 58 Desoto
Mt. Adams
Climbing over Satus Pass, we were passed by a newer Dodge truck pulling a long horse trailer. When Dave Duthie split from the group at Union Gap, he was cussed out at a light by a trucker for blankety blank holding him up. [We'd been going the legal limit of 65 uphill with Bryan's '59 in the lead.]

Once at Yakima we settled down at the Motel 6 for the evening, where Ken Miller lifeguarded for his daughter Julia. There was a nice view of the cars from the balcony. [2 pix]

That night, Mike Sutton and his kids met us and took us to a local eatery for dinner. Then he escorted Roy and Roger out to the Teapot gas station, built during the Teapot Dome Scandal back in the 1920's [?]. [2 pix]
Motel 6 Parking Lot
Motel 6 Pool
Dinner Yakima
62 & 59 Imperial Tea Pot
Tepot Desoto
Sunday morning July 6th was hot and clear when we gathered for breakfast at Mel's Diner. [2 pix]

Stomachs and gas tanks full, fluids checked, and a few minor adjustments were made before heading west over Chinook Pass.

Bryan, in the lead, spotted a '54 Chrysler New Yorker for sale. The license frames read, "Waitresses Do It for Tips." [1 pic]
Mel's Diner
Breakfast @ Mels
54 New Yorker
After travelling along the Naches River, the road started to climb steadily towards Chinook Pass, elevation 5,440
Natches River
Chinook Pass
Once over the pass, Bryan stopped the herd at Tipsoo Lake for some memorable vistas.
59 Imperial Fin Tipsoo Lake 61 Fin
Tipso 64 Imperial
After a brief rest stop at the Mount Rainier National Park Entrance, we proceeded to our first destination, Sunrise, in the NE corner of the park.
Sunrise Cars
Sunrise Cars
Sunrise Sign
The windshields made nice frames for the Tattoosh Mountains in the distance.
61 Desoto
61 Imperial Dash
59 Imperial
1964 Imperial Dash
Emmons Glacier looks deceivingly small from Sunrise. [1 pic]

Ken Miller took the lead for the next leg of the trip around the park to Paradise, on the south side. It's only about 40 miles, but took well over an hour.

Paradise is known for having a cloud cover, and it didn't disappoint us on our visit, the first for some of our group. Paradise is also known for its subalpine flowers. [3 pix]
Emmons Glacier
Paradise Mountain

Red Flowers

Flowers White

Our stalwart group proceeded west down out of the park, over long twisting roads of 1920's vintage that tested our brakes and transmissions. All cars performed flawlessly under varied conditions.

Our last stop together was at Elbe, WA, where we got supplies as needed from the general store. [2 pix]

Dan T., a Forward Look list member, [as are Roy and Myrna,] was waiting for us in Elbe with his 1957 Plymouth. [1 pic]
Elbe Store
Elbe Store Inside
Elbe Plymouth
The Gang
This mug shot was taken of the gang shortly before we all went our separate ways. A good group of people and a great bunch of cars. Wherever we went there were oohs and aahs and numerous compliments. From left to right, Roger van Hoy, Ken Miller and daughter Julia, Roy and Myrna Ashbjornsen, Dave and Patty Duthie and daughter Maddie, Bryan St. Mary and his friend Candy.

The Glacier Award goes to Ken Miller, for his coool white '61.

The Days of Wine and Roses Award: [Tie] Dave and Patty Duthie for their '64 [ruby] and Bryan St. Mary for his '59 [rose].

The All In The Family Award to Mike Sutton and his kids for his hospitality.


To Roy and Myrna Ashbjornsen, the Fun In The Sun Award for their shiny coal black '61 DeSoto, which drew a lot of heat... and admirers. [The car is Roy's 40 day wonder, him having done almost all the work himself.]

The Ohanapecosh Lady Ranger Award for the prettiest pastel colors to the '58 DeSoto.

So you see, everybody who participates in the Cascade Loop Tour is a real winner! Hope to see you all next year!

--Roger van Hoy


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