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From: Marc Hall - ("Marc in Mukilteo")

Once again, I am reminding you of one of the best Mopar shows in the northwest, in Graham, WA (Near Tacoma and Mt.Rainier) this Sunday, July 18, 1999.

This should be an outstanding year for this show, since the Goodguys Pacific Nationals are in Puyallup the same weekend. Many of the out of town attendees of the Goodguy's show will be staying overnight at the same park. If the weather holds, the Graham site should have magnificent close up views of lovely Mt. Rainier.

The show starts with a 9am to noon registration, and other events throughout the day. The show ends at 3:30 pm, with the trophy presentations. The swap meet starts at 9am and ends at 4pm.

Greg Teufel and I are planning to caravan from Snohomish County to the Show in Graham. Perhaps other IML'ers wish to join us, or form their own caravans from other points of the compass?

Should we think about a IML picnic or BBQ (if we have enough IML attendance for such a provocative event) as a sub-gathering at this event? It would be a great chance to meet each other in the flesh (and Steel) and do some Northwest IML networking. This could be a real fun time, if we get enough of us IML'ers there.

By Loren Woodward - - 1964 Crown

The 14th Annual Sunbust 99 All Mopar Show and Shine took place in Graham, Washington on July 18, 1999. Graham is about thirty miles south of Seattle on the road to Mount Rainier. I first heard about the show when "Marc in Mukilteo" of the IML posted a message reminding the list of the show and announcing a caravan from north of Seattle to the event.

I have never displayed my 1964 Crown four door hardtop at any formal events in spite of several invitations from my business partner and his friends who spend weekends in the summer attending as many car shows as they can fit into their schedules. None of them are Mopar oriented so Mopar shows are not on their list of events.

I couldn't resist an all Mopar show so I replied positively to Marc's invitiation. I spent Saturday washing and polishing the car including cleaning wax out of the body lines. I also cleaned a few spots off the upholstry and shampooed the carpet.

No amount of cleaning gets rid of paint chips on the hood, the scuff in the paint on the left front fender or the dent in the chrome trim on the back left fender but the car looked as good as it has since I first got it in June of 1998.

"Marc in Mukilteo" and Greg & Kathy met early on Sunday morning in Lynnwood, north of Seattle. I met them off I-5 just north of Seattle near the University of Washington exit. Mark told me to watch for his dark purple, "people usually think my car is black" '66 and Greg's white '66.

Our three car caravan from north of Seattle to the Sunbust 99 Mopar car show was great. I met Marc and Greg alongside I-5 and followed them to Graham. We made up one half of the Imperials in the C Body Chrysler Class and managed to get some good digital photos of our cars and of the row of six Imperials in the show.

The seventh Imperial at the show, a black 1954, entered in the Antique 1950 to '59 Class but would have looked great with the six that did get to be displayed side by side.

We turned a lot of heads on the way to Graham, arrived early and had a great day. The following photos show our cars and are accompanied by the captions for each photo that I included when I printed them and sent Greg & Kathy and Marc each a six page spread of 4x6 glossy prints from a color laser printer.

(Click on each small image to see a larger version of the same image.)

The Imperial Mailing List contingent (two 1966 Crown Coupes and a 1964 Crown four door hardtop) arrived early. The sun wasn't a complete bust. It arrived early in the afternoon.

Marc, shown here, not in Mukilteo, looked nonchalant hoping no one would notice his Imperial was entered in the "Daily Driver"category but parked with the "C Body Chryslers"

Marc's 1966 Crown Coupe looks black in this photo but it really is dark purple.

It looks blacker from the back but it's still really dark purple.

Greg's 1966 Crown Coupe lead the way from north of Seattle to the Mopar Show at Graham. Greg evidently does not live by the well known rule, " Age before beauty.

Greg may decide leading was not such a good deal after being parked under a tree that shed worse than his Pit Bull which was caged during the show in the wire enclosure.

Six of the total of seven Imperials at the show. From the left: 1963, 1964, and 1965 followed by the IML contingent.

This would have been a good shot of the six Imperials in the "C Body Chrysler"class except for a viewer who wandered into the shot.

This would have been a good shot of the six Imperials at the show except Marc wandered into the shot.

This photo just missed catching the show announcer at left voting for the 1964 Crown for Best of Class. It was taken just before he also voted for the '62 New Yorker and the '63 "300"

The green representative of the Imperial group may have won "Best of Class" for the C Body Chryslers. A cute girl who is president of her area Mopar Club got all the club's votes.

Ballot box stuffing caused two of the IML entries to leave early. As soon as they left I indulged myself with this unobstructed view of my own favorite Imperial.

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