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Talon Meet, Fort Worth, Texas - October 7, 2000 On Saturday October 7, plan to arrive between 9:00 and 9:30 a.m. at the dirt track parking lot, at the Texas Motor Speedway, Fort Worth, Texas. At approximately 9:45, we will leave the Speedway and drive to CTC Auto Ranch in Sanger, Texas. We will arrive at Auto Ranch at approximately 10:30. We will explore the yard as desired until closing at 1:00 or earlier if we are done. At approximately 1:00, we will leave the Auto Ranch to go to Frosty's Drive-In in Denton, Texas. At Frosty's, we will eat and let the townspeople of Denton view the cars. After this lunch, we will have our show.


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The Meet
The Meet
Line of Imperials
Junk Yard
Junkyard Tour
Junk Yard
Junk Yard
Junk Yard Tour
67 and 72
3 Imperials
The Gang


Big thanks to Travis Chapin for organizing the TALON Imperial meet last weekend! That was the most fun I've had in a long time. It was great to meet such a varied and interesting bunch of folks. If that group is representative of Imperial owners at large, then we certainly are a heterogeneous lot! Also, it was immensely valuable to have other Imp owners take a look at my particular beast and tell me what's right and what's wrong with it. I was lucky that I had to drive only about 70 miles, but even if it had been much longer, I'd've thought it was well worth it. Most embarrassing moment: The whole convoy, on its way to CTC Auto Ranch, pulled off the highway when my headlights somehow malfunctioned and started flashing, causing poor Marc Wohlbier in front of me to think I was signalling him about parts falling off his car or something. Oops, sorry, they never did that before... :-\ I tried to get photos of all of the cars and people there, but camera problems and dark rainy skies left me with only four good shots. Apologies to those whose cars and/or smiling faces didn't get immortalized on film. If anyone else took photos and has some to contribute, please email them to me and I'll add them. When I was there, I learned everyone's name, but then forgot most of them by the time I was ready to caption the photos, sorry. Please send me corrections and updates...

Tim Klein 67 Crown, haze green Plano, Texas


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