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Hasan Jafar - Karachi, Pakistan

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Here is a brief interview we recently had with IML member Hasan Jafar.  All the pictures displayed on this page are from Hasan's collection, click on the small images to view large ones.  If you have any other questions for Hasan, please feel free to send him a message!



Question:  When did you purchase your first Imperial?

Answer:  First 1953 Chrysler New Yorker in 1954 and second 1978 New Yorker Brougham in 1998.
Hasan & 1978 New Yorker Brougham

Q:  Do you still own it?

A:  Yes .. Both of them.

Q:  What, if any, restoration did you do to that car?

A:  The 1953 New Yorker needs major restoration and for details of restoration on the 78 NYB you can find information on

Q:  What is your favorite year Imperial?

A: Favourite year of NYB is 78....

                                Hasan & 53 New Yorker
Q:  Why is it your favorite?  What do you find appealing about that particular year?

A:  Beautiful drive and great looking fron end....

78 NYB Engine Before 78 NYB Before  78 NYB Before
Hasan's 1978 New Yorker Brougham Before & After - click on the small images to view large ones
78 NYB NYB Rear 78 New Yorker Brougham Side View
78 Befire & After Front 78 Old & New Frotn 78 Old & New Rear
1978 NYB Engine 78 NYB Engine 1978 NYB


Q:  What does your collection consist of? 

This is a 1978 Chrysler NYB. I got the car in April 1998 and I am the third owner. From what I have been able to gather the car was imported into Pakistan in the early 1980’s by a Foreign Embassy and was then sold to the previous owner in the late eighties. The car was originally white on white and when the previous owner purchased the car, he had it painted maroon. In 1992 the car was given to a mechanic to have the engine restored as well as the suspension. When the car was put back together, the mechanic broke the torsion bar and the car spent the next 6 years parked outside his workshop due to him not being able to find the torsion bar for the car. The car was then given to my dad in April 1998.

78 NYB Front
Chrysler NY'er 1953.

My Grandfather had been on a visit to the States in 1953 and chose the 53 NY'er as the car he would like to import into Pakistan.. Later in 1954 he had the car imported into Pakistan and this car was pretty much a daily driver till 1981... From 1981 to present the car has been lying idle and unused.. I had the chrome taken off about 15 years ago to be kept in storage to ensure there was no corrosion to it as we live near the sea.. The front and rear bumpers are in pretty bad shape.. As the car will be with our family for 50 years next year.. I hope to have the car restoration started up pretty soon.. I gather it would take about a two years to have the car fully restored.. I think the car has a 318 V 8 engine and from what I recall had a lovely drive...I spent most of my childhood in this car....

53 New Yorker Before
53 New Yorker 53 New Yorker & comet caleente 53 Before
53 New Yorker June 2003 53 New Yorker 6 2003 53 New Yorker Front
53 Side New Yorker Steering Wheel 53 New Yorker
Chrysler Fifth Avenue 1982

During the Iraq - Kuwait war in 1990 alot of Pakistani's living in Kuwait brought back all their belongings from Kuwait.. This car was one of them.. I purchased the car in 1992 January and did very minor repairs to the car such as had a paint job done, minor electrical work and redid the front and rear seats.. This car was originally white and I had it repainted a dark blue in 1998.. This car is a daily driver and is a pretty reliable car..

1982 5th Ave
1982 5th Ave  Rear View   82 Fifth Ave Interior

Q:  What other collector cars do you own today?

A:  I have a 1974 Cadillac eldorado. Mileage is about 50,000 miles. Have had it since 1980. The car is in 98% perfect condition. Red with a white roof.

78 New Yorker Brougham Interior                                      NYB Steering Wheel

Q:  What are your future plans for your present collection?

A:  To restore my 53 Chrysler New Yorker. I also have a 82 Chrysler Fifth Avenue...

Q:  Do you have any funny or interesting stories about purchasing an old car? 

A:  Yeah ... Getting parts for them in Karachi are crazy.. My 74 Cadillac once caught fire and the engine compartment was totally destroyed. Since I was studying in the U.S at that time, I went to a junk yard and purchased a 73 Eldorado, stripped out a bunch of parts and brought then back to Pakistan by air.. Have also brough back four white wall tires from the U.S on two different occasions..

Eldorado Front End  



74 Eldorado

Q:  Are there any other collector cars (besides Imperials) that you would like to own?

A: I like the 1959 and 1969 Cadillac Eldorados...

Q:  Do you belong to any other antique car clubs?

A:  The Imperial club, NYB club, Cadillac Owners Club and the CML.

Q:  What was the best car show you ever attended?

A: None... Unfortunately

78 NYB Back Seat
78 NYB Front Seat 78 NYB Top View


We would like to thank Hasan Jafar for sharing his collection with us!!  Please check back next month when we will be spotlighting another Imperial Club member.

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