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Here is a brief interview we recently had with IML member Jim Martin.  Some of you may know Jim from the CA Statewide meets or the IML Chat where he "hangs out all to often" ;-)   If you have any questions for Jim please feel free to send him a message!



Question:  When did you purchase your first Imperial?

Answer: I was born in 1929, I had my first Imperials a 55 & 56 Imp 4dr sedan as well as a 53 Imp Town Limo sometime between 1978 & 1982. In 1980 I got the Imperial I had always wanted, a 1939 C24 Limo, I feel, the car found me. I wasn't looking for any at the time.Jim & 39 C24 Limo

Q:  Do you still own it?

A:  Yes.

Q:  What, if any, restoration did you do to that car?

A:  OH'd eng & differential. Replaced failed transmission. Driveshaft balanced & center bearing insulator replaced. NOS wire harness with direction and emergency flasher. Interior restored W/correct fabric. Paint & Body work completed.
Complete front end rebuild. New shocks. Complete brake system rebuilt, including power assist unit. Replaced Oil filter with cartridge type. & positioned for easier access. Installed a
remote battery connection under the hood & installed a brake fluid reservoir on the fire wall for easy access.

Q:  What is your favorite year Imperial?

A:  39 Custom Imperial C24. I'm biased. :)


                    Cloissonne Emblem
Q:  Why is it your favorite?  What do you find appealing about that particular year?

A:  One year only body style by Ray Dietrich. Last of the art-deco styling.
Comfort of long wheel base. (144 in.) Rarity. (307 producee) Last Chrys. with dual side mount spare
tires. Inter-com for rear seat passenger. Recognized Classic by CCCA.

Jim's Dssh

Q:  Do you have a favorite Imperial gadget or styling feature?  

A:  Converted 6V radio from am to am/fm.



Q:  Any other automotive gadget or styling feature that you like or would like to own?

A:  NO

Q:  What does your Imperial collection consist of? 

Q:  What other collector cars do you own today?

A:  1937 Airflow sedan C17. (Not considered an Imperial) 96,185 mi. For sale or restoration.50 Dodge Meadowbrook D34. Parts or restore. 163,047 mi. 1963 Belvidere sedan. Automatic, P/S /6 152,988mi.

Q:  What other collector cars (at least 20 years old) have you owned in your lifetime?

A: 40 or 50. Most notable, 51 NY'er Vert 53 Imperial Town Limousine, 48
DeSoto 9 Passenger suburban, 56 MBZ 190SL 1941 Plymouth 2dr. W/overdrive.
Martin Family

Q:  Which car has been your favorite and why?

A: Without doubt, the 1939 C24, although My 2nd choice would be a 55/56 Imperial.

39 Prior to Resto                                      Prior to resto

Q:  What are your future plans for your present collection?

A:  Sell'em with the exception of the C24 which keeps me busy.

Q:  Do you have any, "I can't believe I let that car get away from me" stories? 

A: Purchased the 50 Dodge in Nebr. for $225.00 in 1974 & drove it home to Calif. Could have bought a 50 Stude Champ W/overdrive for another $50.00 but I couldn't drive two cars at the same time. :)
Every time I bought an old car & parked it in the drive, some one would make me an offer I couldn't refuse. :)




Jim's 2 sons help out as Pit Crew Read About the Valve Job he and the "help" did by clicking the Above Link. :-)




Jim's Son

Q:  Are there any other collector cars (besides Imperials) that you would like to own?

A: Nope Just A 55/56 Imperial

Q:  Do you belong to any other antique car clubs?

A:  Ca. State Imperial Club, WPC, Airflow Club & California Chrysler Products Club (CCPC),...the original WPC Club, started by seven men in the Bay area on March 17th 1967.

Q:  What was the best car show you ever attended?

A:  California Chrysler Products Restorers Club annual October show
W/variousChrys. products from the late 20's to the 90's & plentiful
entrants from the Calif. State Imperial Clubs.

Q:  Do you Have a Favorite Car Museum?

A:  Black Hawk museum. Danville, Ca.

Q:  Do you have a favorite car related book or movie?  

A: My 41 Plymouth was parked at the curb in the movie,"Tucker". Visible for a micro-nano second if you know when & where to look. :) Never do that gig again! :)



We would like to thank Jim Martin for sharing his collection with us!!  Please check back next month when we will be spotlighting another Imperial Club member.

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