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This process is ONLY for joining our e-mail mailing list devoted to the Chrysler Imperial. If you wish to advertise an Imperial or New Yorker Brougham for sale go to our Classified Ad page. DO NOT subscribe to this e-mail group if receiving scores of emails every day will inconvenience you. Once you have joined the e-mail group you can change your delivery setting to "Digest" to receive only one or two compilation messages of the daily traffic.

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Enter your email address and your name in the appropriate boxes, and optionally a password, and choose whether you want to recieve a digest email or individual emails. If you don't recieve emails within 24 hours (the digest option only sends out about one message a day), check your spam folder for the messages.

If you need help joining the group, please contact us.

This page was last updated 12 November 2020.  Send us your feedback, and come join the Imperial MailingList - Online Car Club