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If you encounter any more sightings, please let me know! I'm also interested in expanding these listings with further juicy gossip, tidbits, trivia, scandal, or whatever else that will make these movies more enticing. Thanks!


Cannonball Run 2 (1984) - Shirley MacLaine has a 1981 Imperial Limousine in the Burt Reynolds movie "Cannonball Run". It's Army Green!

From: goeditor@pe.net (goeditor)

Hi, Tony

About a month or two ago, I was "surfing the channels" and came across a scene in a TV (I presume) movie with Burt Reynolds driving an '81 Imperial made into a limo in the same way as mine was. At first I thought I was seeing things as he was driving fast and erratically (as it turned out later, to escape some Mafia-type gangsters) but as the camera closed in for an underground parking shot, I observed it was, indeed, an '81 that had been converted. Sure did look nice and I'd love to have a newer model.

Do any of the IML members know anything about these cars? I'm sure they were converted at ASC, as my'85 Chrysler Limo was. I was told (but don't remember by whom) there were 3 or 4 made.

When I bought my limo, there was a letter mixed among some other papers from the Flat Rock Playhouse President thanking the previous owner for loaning them the limo for Burt and Loni for "An Evening With Burt Reynolds", a one-man show. Was this supposed to make it more valuable?


Twins (1988) - Arnold Schwartzenegger, Danny Devito, 1980's

Jekyll and Hyde - Together Again (1982) - a 1981 Imperial is used to shove a Pinto out of the way, and it has the trunklid flapping up & down throughout the movie.

Pals (1982) - 1982

Stick (1985) - 1983 limo

Several episodes of the A-Team used a dark pewter 81-83
Imperial stretched into a limo.

The movie "Hollywood Limousine" staring John Ritter had a
black 82 Imperial limo shown a few times during the movie.

During the 82-83, and 83-84 seasons of "Hart to Hart" (when
Chrysler provided cars to the show) the Harts had a black 81-
83 (who knows, as they all looked alike) Imperial limo that
was driven by their chaffuer Max (Lionel Standler). The limo
showed up in at least 6 episodes. Also several two dooor
Imperials showed up and were driven by guest stars on the show
(usually bad guys). In one episode I saw a stretched 81
Chrysler 5th Ave limo!!!!!

During the first season of "Simon & Simon", the head of the
rival "Peirless Detective Agency", Myron Fowler, had a silver 81-
83 (again who knows for sure) Imperial coupe. You see the
car almost every episode parked.



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