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If you encounter any more sightings, please let me know! I'm also interested in expanding these listings with further juicy gossip, tidbits, trivia, scandal, or whatever else that will make these movies more enticing. Thanks!

From: simo.harkila@megabaud.fi (Simo Harkila)

I saw on TV a movie called "T-Bone 'N Weasel" with Gregory Hines, Christopher Lloyd, Ned Beatty, Rip Thorn, Graham Jarvis and so on. Directed by Lewis Teaque, 1992.

When the people were speaking about cars they often said Chrysler instead of a car. There was among the others LeBaron convertibles and a '91 or '92 Imperial.


"Backdraft" (1991) about Chicago firemen. The bad guy, a local politician, rode in the spacious back seat of a 1990 Imperial.

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