How To Play Imperial Movies

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1.  In order to play movies, first make sure you have the latest version of Windows Media Player installed on your computer.  Actually, any version at least 6.1 or newer should be fine.

2.  Most movie clips on this site use the DivX 4.0 or DivX 5.0 codec.  IMPORTANT: you must download and install the codec before these movies will play properly.  (A codec is a COmpression/DECompression algorithm, sort of like a "language" that your movie player needs to know in order to interpret and translate the movie.)  You can also go here for other codecs and information.

MACINTOSH USERS GO TO to download the DIVX Codec

3.  If you still can't see the movies with Windows Media Player, try installing the DivX movie player (included in the download; just check the box to install the movie player as well).

4.  Enjoy!

Note: if movies seem slow and/or jerky, or the sound is out of sync., your computer might not be fast enough to process them real-time.  Be sure to try viewing the smaller versions of the movie clips if that's the case.


Have a question or need help with the movies?  Just send us a note and we should be able to help!


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