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X-Files Episode, Featuring a '64 Crown Four-Door Hardtop

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This particular episode of the X-Files is the ONLY one that hasn't appalled and annoyed me - I am a hardcore science-fiction fanatic, and the fluffy, derivative crapola they serve up on that show usually makes me run in the other direction, laughing hysterically.

HOWEVER, this particular episode was written by my very, very favorite author in ANY genre - William Gibson. He's the guy who kicked the Cyberpunk subgenre into gear, and who won all of the biggest awards with his very first novel, called "Neuromancer". I usually program my VCR to stop after the Simpsons and King of the Hill, but I specifically taped this episode because of Gibson.


The story covers familiar ground for Gibson. If you have to steal material, it's best to steal from your own best work! - The plot is not unlike that of his book "Count Zero", in that there is a rogue artificial intelligence at loose in the Internet. I have NO idea why a '64 Imperial Crown four-door hardop is used in this episode - It must belong to the young female computer-hacker with the raccoon makeup, real name Esther Naim (played by Kristin Lehman), online alias "Invisigoth.".

The first shot that really shows the car is a real wowser - The camera crew must really like this car - The perfect front three-quarter view of a dark-blue (possibly black) Crown with the extra-cost LeBaron-style interior pattern in pale blue pearlescent leather.

Miss Raccoon-Eyes handcuffs Scully to the steering-wheel, which appears to be an early-in-the-production-year wheel with the large horn-ring. This wheel was discontinued due to the horn-ring obscuring the instrument-panel. It also appears that the car does not have the tilt-wheel. The steering-wheel has the usual cracks in the brittle, aged clear plastic.

Esther leaves the car to look at the wreckage of a building (blasted with a particle-beam by a killer satellite)...

...while Scully frantically tries to unlock the handcuff and reach the gun left lying on the cracked dashboard-cover. I could have reached it with my long left arm, but Scully is short, and the Imperial is WIDE.

They mend their differences, and continue driving until late at night.

They come up to some building and look around. I forget what happens - Too busy thinking of the Imperial, and wondering if it's gonna get torched or rolled or something. The car sounds like it could use a new muffler, and the brakes squeak when it comes to a stop. Still a darned nice Imperial.

Then, the two of them drive up to a bridge and come to a stop, when they become aware that the killer satellite is getting ready to blast the Imperial (actually, it's after the laptop computer they are carrying, but I spent the whole time worrying about the Imperial!)

They try to warn the guy in th big truck behind them, but he either doesn't speak English or is too dumb to pay attention.

Last shot of the car, which thankfully remains unharmed. Other stuff happens, but not with Imperials - I won't spoil the ending for you. VERY vivid , realistic scenes of Mulder with his arms amputated ( a virtual-reality illusion, as it turns out). All in all, a very intelligent, well-written story. I give it four Imperial Eagles!


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