1960 Imperial Accessories, VIN, Punch card, and Data Plate Decoding Tips

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From Dietmar: 

Decoding an Imperial VIN number:

I found a plate in my Imp's glove-box which Chrysler historical department could not explain.

The vehicle number is 9204113772.

Can anybody else help?

From Brett:

"9" = Imperial
"2" = Crown (1=Custom, 3=LeBaron)
"0" = 1960 model year (1=1961 etc.)
"4" = Warren Avenue Plant (all Imperials and only Imperials from 1959 to 1961 were made at the Warren avenue plant)

Remaining six digits are production numbers beginning with 100,001. So, this was the 13,772 Imperial (or Chrysler) made for 1960.

There should be a plate on the radiator support (on the passenger side, facing the front) that has a bunch of numbers all over it. That plate's code will tell you the original inside & outside colors of the car.





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The "SO" is the date the chassis starts the down assembly line.

The "NUMBER" is the chassis number, or the order the car is on the assembly line.


WEBMONSTER NOTE: We don't have any idea how to decipher the A-Z codes,
if you have any information please contact us and let us know.





Courtesy of Club Member Tom Willson (January 2022)



Some of the codes below are shown on the above Punch Card, others have been added to help identify other codes.

Line No. Line Description Punch Code Code Explanation
9-10 Region 51 Chicago
52 Kansas City
11-15 Dealer Code 8309 Tom Harrigan Inc., Oak Park, IL
9770 Briley Motors, Omaha, NE
16-18 Dealer Order No. 16 ???
19-21 Body Type 925 Imperial, Crown, Convertible
934 Imperial, LeBaron, 4 dr HT
22-24 Trim 529 White Leather
888 Special order - Crown Interior, Blue, w/cloth inserts
25-27 Paint 661 WW1 - Alaskan White
29 Power equip. 298 Power Door Locks
30 Accessory Groups
31 A/C and Heaters 311 A/C with Heater
33 Convert. top, Trunk, Defoggers 332 White Convertible Top
339 Defogger, Rear Window
34 Foam Seats, Bumper Guard, Lighter, Steering Wheel, Deck 348 Flite-Sweep Deck Lid
37 Record Player, Lights, Mldgs, Locking Diff, Handle 375 Auto Beam Changer
376 Door Edge Protectors
377 Auto Pilot
379 Sure-Grip Differential
38 Lights, Mirrors, Luggage Rack 383 Mirror, Left Outside, Remote Control
385 Mirror, Right Outside, Manual
387 Mirror-Matic Interior Mirror
42 Radios and Rear Speakers 423 AM Golden Touch w/Pwr Ant., no rear spkr, and foot control(??)
428 AM Golden Touch w/rear Spkr & Pwr Ant.
44 Solex Glass 441 Tinted Glass all around
47 Swivel Seats, Shields, and HD Springs 472 Manual Swivel Seats
473 Automatic Swivel Seats (w/Power Seats only)
52 Axle ratio 521 2.93:1
53 Generators 535 40 Amp Generator
55-56 Tires 76 8.20 x 15 Nylon w/Whitewalls
60 New Car Service, Sold Car 602 Sold Car, Expedite
67-76 Serial Number 9304104432
77-80 Shipping Date 1014 October 14, 1959
1022 October 22, 1959




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