1975 Imperial Fender-Tag Codes

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From Joseph:

M05 door edge mouldings
M21 drip through mouldings
M25 body sill mouldings
M26 wheel lip mouldings
M31 belt mouldings/door quarters
M45 wheelhouse opening skirts
M81 front bumper guards
M83 rear bumper guards.

L65 ignition switch lamp time delay
L68 auto headlamp dimmer
L72 headlamp on buzzer
L74 headlamp switch w/time delay
L76 warning signal instrument gauges
L77 washer fluid signal
L81 door ajar indicator lamp.

J11 glove box lock
J15 cigar lighter
J22 electronic digital clock
J25 wipers, three speed variable
J31 dual horns
J41 pedal dress-up
J52 interior hood release
J55 undercoat w/hood pad
J95 instrument panel, Type-5
L05 glove box lamp
L17 ash receiver lamp
L25 trunk compartment lamp
L35 cornering lamps
L41 Safeguard Sentinel delay off headlamps.

G01 electric heat rear window
G11 tinted glass all windows
G41 Prismatic rear view mirror
G44 lighted visor vanity mirror passenger side
G52 L/H outside mirror, remote-control chrome
G63 R/H mirror, remote-control chrome.

F17 radio suppression package
F27 battery
F92 thermo ignition vacuum valve.

H53 A/C with automatic temperature control.

C25 floor thermo insulation
C58 50/50 bench seat
C92 floor mats, accessory rubber
C91 floor mats heavy duty front
C97 trunk dress up.

B11 Heavy Duty front brakes
B31 Heavy Duty brakes, rear
B44 all wheel disk front and rear
B65 Auto park brake release.





- - - UPDATE APRIL 2019 - - -


Here is a typical 1975 Imperial Data Plate, this one is from a 2 dr Crown Coupe "Inca Gold".

Photo courtesy of Philippe Courant - Pau, France

Decpihering of the Codes by Bill Watson - Vancouver, Canada



Bottom row -

E85 - 440-cid V8, 4-bbl carb

D34 - Automatic transmission - Torqueflite

VIN - YM23 T5C 153605

Y - Car Line - Imperial

M - Series - LeBaron

23 - 2dr Hardtop

T - Engine - 440-cid V8, 1-4bbl carb

5 - Model Year - 1975

C - Assembly plant - East Jefferson Avenue

Second row -

LY6 - Body Colour - Inca Gold Metallic

PLY3 - Interior trim -

P - Premium

L - Leather & Vinyl, recline

Y3 - Gold

000 - Interior Colour - Gold

0217 139106 - Shipping Order Number - where 217 is the scheduled build date - February 17, 1975

Third Row -

V4Y - Roof treatment - Canopy Vinyl Roof - Gold

H53 - Air Conditioning with automatic temperature control

R37 - AM/FM Radio - multiplex stereo, 8-track

L35 - Cornering lamps

Fourth Row -

M45 - Rear wheel opening skirts

P31 - Power windows

P41 - Power door locks

N88 - Automatic speed control

G63 - Mirror - outside, passenger side, remote, chrome

Fifth Row -

K7W - Body side stripe, tape 7 - White

P51 - Automatic park brake release

The V4Y at the top was for the installation of the canopy style roof treatment. The body was pulled off the assembly line and another department in the plant took care of the roof.

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