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From Dave:

A few years ago, I ordered of Atlas the decals for my Imperial.  I, at the same time, had a couple of catalogs off them.  I placed the order as normal paying by credit card, since I live overseas. Well I waited a couple of months & by then I was pretty much ******- *** with them. After another phone call it seemed that they had not sent the Decals. Not a huge order or big money transaction. Their common courtesy was nonexistent. I will not trade any more with Atlas.




From Jim:

It's me, the penny pincher again! I've been holding off on this one, but after 2 weeks, I feel it's time to share this story and ask for some opinions.

In my experience, most vendors I've dealt with have returned core charges in less than a week when they receive your core back. Each time I've dealt with Andy Bernbaum's, they've automatically processed it the day the core arrived, without my having to call and inquire. Well....,

I recently bought an Idler Arm for my 1960 Crown 2dr Southampton from ATLAS MOTOR PARTS in Los Alamitos, CA. I sent the core back 2-DAY MAIL, Friday before last. The manager informed me he only processes core returns once a week on Fridays. The postal service says my package was delivered last Wednesday. Well, come last Friday....NO $100 CREDIT SHOWED ON MY CARD.

When I called and asked....politely...., if he had processed my credit, he says "Oh yeah, your part showed up."


"I'll get around to it." When I said I knew the part arrived last week, and I was expecting my refund last Friday, he goes silent, then says, "I do the processing on Friday's. We just want 'our' core back, so we put on the charge to make sure you send it" I said, well, "You've had 'your' core for a week, and now, I'd like MY money back." "I'll get around to it. Maybe Friday."

Maybe....? It's all on computer now, it takes seconds. "Thing" just wants to keep his mitts on my dough!

Anyway, more than the money (almost), what got me was the belligerent attitude the manager had since our first conversation, insinuating from the outset that it was MY intention to NEVER send him 'his' core back. It's too bad if he's apparently lost $$ on other customers in the past, but those are the risks of retail. Treating every customer (even one who has bought parts from him on 2 prior occasions) like a criminal, is not the way to handle it.

I don't know about the rest of you, but $100 is a WHOLE LOT OF MONEY TO ME! But you know, after this experience of this guy acting cavalier and holding my money hostage, I'm sticking to Bernbaum's or Kanter whenever I can help it (this guy COSTS MORE than either of them, too). At least the others seem to understand that when they get that core back, the money should be returned swiftly and without question or hassle.

As demonstrated by the many responses to the recent center link question, there are SEVERAL sources for most of the parts we need. I plan to take my business to them. Fool that I am, I still expect good customer service for my hard-earned pennies......even in the "lean mean '90's."


From Greg:

I am not fond of Atlas either, I ordered an A/C pneumatic control switch and never received it or an explanation of why it was not shipped, at least I wasn't charged for it. I don't think Atlas stocks all the parts in his catalogue which may explain the delay on your refund. I met the owner last summer (no name) at the Desoto meet and in my opinion he is very arrogant. I will try to avoid doing business with Atlas in the future.


From Bill:

I bought a '67 headlight switch from Atlas over the net, payment with personal check. Good service, timely delivery and well received. I only wish they stocked motor mounts for my '67 4dr.


From Larry Hanrahan:

I ordered a center link for my '58 and it showed up in less than a week. I haven't been able to return the core yet, so we'll see, but so far so good.


From Bob Gibson:

i was looking for lower ball joints for a '68 newport. i had been having trouble locating them and then i came upon atlas.

when he gave me the price i was a little shocked that he wanted 10 times the price than what i had seen for similar lower ball joints.

when i mentioned this to him his response was "well why didn't you buy them elsewhere" to which i said that they weren't the right ones for the car. then i got "i gotta go".

i didn't think it was that odd to be shocked by the price and he gave no eplaination as to why they were so high.

needless to say i bought them from someone else. not for much less then atlas, but less all the same...and without being treated like crap.


From David Freedman:

Yes. I would say that everyone's negative experience with them is correct. I just called them, spoke to a guy named Mark. I told him I had a 1967 imperial and I was looking for a hood release cable. He said he had one for $200! When I asked him for the part number so that I could compare it with a used part in a bag that I had from a friend, and he said he would not give it to me and hung up on me.



From Larry Hanrahan:

Okay, so I didn't pay attention to the others' posts about Atlas. A month later, I'm still waiting for the refund of my core deposit (see my kind post above). So far, to borrow from Ayn Rand, Atlas shrugged.


From Doug:

I've been waiting on a Glovebox liner for Two months now. When I order it they told me two weeks. And of course they have had my money all of this time.

I called them up last week and the person I spoke to was very curt and said it would be several more weeks before they got them. No explanation or apology, just a really long pause.

I'm just about to mail off a heater Valve core, we'll see how long it takes them to refund my money.


From Kenyon Wills:

I met the owner of Atlas in person and sold him parts on several occasions. He offered to throw in a part that he had in stock as part of the deal and never delivered. Called several times and the item was there, just never quite made it out the door to me. VERY frustrating. My parts-man said that he'd had similar experiences and that getting parts in a timely manner had been a challenge. I will call again, since it has been several months, and maybe he'll take care of me, but I'm not holding my breath.


From Tennessa Waddle:

Atlas Obsolete Stinks .Thats it end of story . Ive bought a few things from them . Took a yr to get 5 items. Three times the cost . probably the rudest people ive ever spoken with . No thank you , i have better things to do than deal with them .


From Jack Rybicki:

Mark and his cohorts treat the customer as if THEY are doing YOU a FAVOR at three times the cost and ten times the aggravation of any Imperial vendor I have dealt with to date. Would not recommend unless back is up against wall. Then pray first, hope second and kiss your money good-bye, or be prepared to wait!!!


From Laura J.:

This is just me preaching to the choir here, but Mark and Atlas do have a huge attitude problem. Have put them on my no-bid list on Ebay and will never knowing do business with them again. They think it's their way or the highway and that's no way to do business. Very rude.


(30 May 2007) From Jonathon Fey:

I bought stuff 2 times from Atlas. First time I bought Power steering hose, which was an excellent Reproduction. Then I bought some front suspension rubber stuff and an oil gauge hose, which almost all were total crap. They had built an new hose with old faulty connectors on both sides. At least I never had any problems regarding money or times for overseas shipment.


(8 August 2007) From Morris:

I will never order anything from this company again!! And I strongly suggest, that you do not either.


(12 Feb 2010) From David J Simons:

I have had a number of dealings with Atlas. They have ranged from okay to really boiling my blood. The spark plug wires that I got for my '56 Imperial were great and cured all of my problems, but at the same time the trunk carpet was an ill fit and my last order was never completed. Those people are crooks in my opinion and I can see where the arrogant coment may have originated. If I can help it, I will never do any sort of business with them again.


(30 Mar 2010) From Dieter:

I ordered over e-bay five items: a) P/Steering hose and details (03/14/2010, paypal), b) trunk weather strip (03/15/2010, paypal), c) trunk carpet (03/16/2010, paypal), d) speedometer cable (03/28/2010, paypal), e) oil pressure to gauge hose (03/28/2010, paypal). He got the money immediately, but no sign - neither money received, nor part shipped like most other seller I bought parts from over e-bay. It seems he's eager to get money, but when he got it - it seems he's not interested in doing his business. I'll wait some more weeks and then I try to ban him from e-bay. So at least I know I'm in a row with lots of you, guys.


(9 Sep 2010) From Adriana Bonfiol:

I bought car parts from these sellers online and they did not fit. I called them and received instructions to mail the parts back to get a refund. After mailing them, they stopped answering my emails and I am not able to reach them by phone. I still did not receive a refund for the items. I wish I had seen these posts before... What to do??


(6 Oct 2010) From Mark Caito:

I have also had problems with Atlas.I ordered front end parts for my 57 dodge and it took them over a month to get them.When they arrived all the parts were not there.I had to call to get the rest of the parts.Just recently ordered a oil pressure gauge hose.They had two fittings with the hose just shoved on the fittings with no clamps or any kind of crimping to keep the hose fastened to the fittings. I called and asked him if the hose was going to leak and he said,well its good for over 300lbs of pressure. I was leary of putting it on because I was 98 percent sure that it would leak, and sure as anything it leaked like a siv! Puddle of oil on the floor mat before I could say ----! I will never buy from them again.


(20 Feb 2011) From Espen Eklund:

I ordered a column shift cable, to a 65 imperial crown coup 2 drht.


(30 Mar 2012) From Paul Prokop:

Ordered a Carter AFB rebuild kit (867-055) for $102.84 on 11 May 2011 (invoice 27645). Returned the kit for credit on 24 May 2011. No refund received and will not respond to phone calls or emails.


(3 Mar 2017) From Jeff Kiszonas:

Just cancelled an order from these guys for all the same reasons. A week after order placed I was told the part is on our counter, we'll ship it today. should be no more than 2 days to my location. A week later still no part. Called and was told they expected to receive the part in a few days, would ship it immediately. Told them I want to cancel the order. After hanging up I sent an email referencing my discussion with a specific person about this. I got a cancellation and refund confirmation within an hour. Also found the same part elsewhere for less, in stock, with 24-48 hour shipment. When I tried to politely explain I was cancelling because of the differing stories, extended delivery time, and MANY bad reviews on these kinds of sites, the girl said she was sorry I was upset. Upset? Really? I'm baffled why you'd think this. Guess they don't care.


(30 Apr 2017) From Mark Love:

Hi, I bought new rear drums, pads and front disc pads for my '67 Imperial convertible. Not sure I got the right rear pads as we had to give them a shave and the discs aren't the greatest quality. But, I drove to their distribution warehouse in Murietta CA and picked up the parts there so I wouldn't be disappointed. Walked through the shop and it's very poorly organized and there are boxes and palettes full of boxes all stilled unopened and more boxes EVERYWHERE! The fella was amicable and looked like his wife was doing the invoicing and inventory control. But it looked pretty disorganized so I could see how you might get differing stories and tardy orders. They did have the parts, paid up for them- a premium even, but I can stop the ol' girl now. M.


(28 Jun 2017) From Jeffery Sundel:

I placed a $450.00 order with them online, I paid and was expecting the shipment to arrive like normal within a week? No shipment arrived, I waited an additional week and then started emailing them as they NEVER answer their phones. No response with the three emails I had sent. Finally I was able to get through to their answering machine and left a message. I received a voice mail a few hours later saying my order had been canceled because I had canceled an unshipped order that I had placed about 8 months prior. Very professional (not). Its all good because I was able to buy the needed parts from a local company for 20% less. This order was canceled on purpose as retaliation on me because I called to cancel an order that had not been shipped yet?








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