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Nile wrote:

I have been fooling around with Bernbaum's brake cylinders for about a month. Two of the wheel cylinders leak and, upon opening up the first one I found that the lips on the seal cups were deformed. He sent me a new set at no charge. The next cylinder leaked, but this was due to rust pits in the bore. I worked it over with a hone but I'm still trying to get one side to seal. Then the master cylinder refused to allow fluid to return to the reservoir upon release of the pedal. I'm going to tear that down next to see what's wrong with the return valve. As some have stated, he's borderline rude and seems to view his customers as though they are all retarded. Needless to say, he won't be getting any more of my business.

Hugh H. wrote:

Bernbaum lists a part I was looking for in their catalogue, but they do not have it. They were also a little rude about it, too. They did not have, or would not share, the part number.


Arran F. wrote:

From what I have heard, Hugh's experience with Berbaums is not uncommon. Several people I have heard from, including one locally, have had problems with Bernbaums listing or saying that they carry parts that in reality they don't have. In some instances, such as with windshield gaskets, they will claim that a part is factory spec. when in reality it is generic and won't fit right. When someone calls back to complain they have a habit of giving someone the rude run around. From what I have heard about these guys, although they aren't know to rip people off, I think that I wouldn't waste too much of my time with these guys given their poor customer service.

For rubber parts I would try, "Pro Antique Auto Parts".  Andy Berbaum's has a habit of selling generic fit all types of rubber as factory spec and I have heard nothing good about Berbaums in this regard.


John S. wrote:

I got a rear window gasket for my 60 from him & it leaks worse then the original one did, plus the fit is poor , making the trim hard to put on correctly. Most of the stuff he carries, some refer to as " will fit, should work" type of parts & in many cases, they don't work as well as you would like. He is good on some things, such as brake linings for 60-62 as well as other related brake parts. To his credit, he is very prompt in shipping. I broke a U-joint on my 60 & he had it here in less then a week.


Richard wrote:

I have bought parts on three occasions from Andy "B" twice for my '36 Plymouth and once for my '64 Crown coupe. The part was as stated and the ship time was very fast. His prices are no favor and you are right, the people are borderline rude. On the other hand, he had what I needed in each case and it was in my car in a short period of time. So in my mind he is far better than anybody locally. Most of the local parts house don't even want to bother to try and find stuff for any of the cars I have.


Denis D. wrote:

A few years back I ran into trouble with them and a rear window gasket for my 62 Coup. After three attempts to get it right, the glass guy that put the window in found one he could use locally, and I lost all the postage with back and forth shipments. Needless to say I've never gown back to them, and do not recommend them to anyone.

Gale J. wrote:

I have done business with him - he's prompt at shipping out parts - he was honest w/ what he had - he came out to the Iola car show in Wisconsin one year just to scout out the part's field - so I meet him them - very nice man.


Rolland wrote:

My experience with Andy is that his prices are reasonable and delivery is good. I have only used him 2 or 3 times and then not for expensive items but I have always been satisfied.


David wrote:

I have used Bernbaum for getting things for my '54. They are a bit gruff, but I have always gotten what I asked for, and at a fair price.


Jim B. wrote:

I wouldn't recommend Bernbaum to anybody. They were rude to me and gave me the wrong item and the sales person made it clear that he didn't have time for my questions. Coincidentally, he is in my area. I'd rather deal with someone far away.

Kenyon wrote:

I got my weather strippingfrom Andy Bernbaum and was pretty happy with what I received.

I ordered front and rear window seals and was most disappointed to find that I had purchased a coiled strip of extruded rubber. The one that was made especially for the 1960 LeBaron was simply a shorter length than the standard (larger window) model. This stuff would probably work OK on justabout any car from the era...

I am most uninterested in having a seam in my car's window seal. I assume that the darned thing will shrink or do something frustrating to ruin my enjoyment of my "finished" car.

The same goes for the trunk and hood items, but the examples provided were passable.

I strongly reccommend comparing any newly aquired rubber trim/seal items to the old before the originals are discarded. Things may be new, and close to correct. How close each comes to being tolerable to you might be best determined before you commit to installation with the contact cement.

L Pinch wrote:

I have ordered things from Andy and he is helpful and available. Some of the things in the catalogue are not always available but his items are of good quality. Some of them may be at NAPA for less money--some not.

Steve B. wrote:

One word of caution on Andy Bernbaum... Make sure you hang on to all your receipts and send stuff back to him in a manner that requires a signature. Getting your core deposit money back from him is like pulling teeth.

Herbi wrote:

I found this guy's name on line on a parts search. Because of his location I decided to give him a call. At first, I sensed a little anxiety, impatience, and rudeness in his tone, but I told myself he was just having a bad day. I later confirmed his attitude when I tried to exchange the parts I bought. Regardless of how much you're needed, or in any business you do, there is such a thing called common curtisy. If a businessman doesn't know what that means, he should be barred from doing buisness with the public.

Jerry Blakely wrote:

i have bought parts from him 4or 5 times.the parts arrived fast and were reasonally priced.while at times he seems abrupt my dealings with him have been good.


Max wrote:

I have delt with Bernbaum for years, some days he's fairly nice, and some day he's grumpy as hell. The people who work for him, which I think may be relatives, are routinely rude and far from helpful. I would never buy window rubber from him, none of it fits right and always leaks. He does ship quickly if he has the item, and with used items he has never misrepresented the condition of anything. If I can buy it somewhere else the I buy it there. It would be so nice if they were just plesant people to do business with!


Roger Eldridge wrote:

I have done business with burnbaums about a half dozen times. He's always borderline rude but I put up with it because of the very fast shipping. Nothing worse then waiting two weeks for a part you really need!


Charlie wrote:

Yes! He/They is/are borderline rude for sure! I had used him on occasion before and just the other day again for a master cylinder. So far his stuff has been OK. I can deal with the "rudeness" as long as I don't have any "business" or "quality" issues with these people.


Jim wrote:

Bernbaum reminds me of the soup Nazi from Seinfeld. You get in line, place your order, and step to the side- not even thinking of asking any questions or making conversation. If you dare do so you get a gruff response, if any at all. Sacrifice the pleasantries and you get a part delivered quickly that, in my experience, has always been correct and in good shape.


K.C. wrote:

I am tired of dealing with these fools. They "forget" to send items that are ordered and charged for (this has happened several times) and then they accuse the customer of lying to them. I am done with these people; this restoration project was suppost to be relaxing, not stressful.


Roger Reid wrote:

I'll add one review for "generally positive" dealings with Bernbaum - I wouln't bother except that there are enough bad experiences that I want to give a different experience.

I usually used Roberts, but 41 Plymouth brake cylinders are tough. He had them, sold them, sent them, no problems. I had avoided because of bad reputation but they were fine.

BTW when I call I know what I want and get through the transaction quickly; people with small shops don't always have the time or knowledge to answer a lot of questions which does not excuse recurring rudeness. But I find with a lot of these fellows I do best by keeping it short and specfic.


Tennessa W wrote:

Other than fast shipping , i have nothing nice to say about Andy Bernbaum . Because of his cheap Universal window seals he claims are to factory specs. I had to remove both windshields from our 300 f , repaint the roof from the damage caused by removing the glass and seals . Then had to find and purchase new seals. then pay a glass guy to reinstall the glass AGAIN . He is generally rude and obtuse . I would not recommend him if he were the last vendor on earth .


Steve wrote:

I have dealt with Andy several times and as long as I deal with Andy, things go fine. When his "helper" gets involved, things rapidly deteriorate.


Wayne Zebrowski wrote:

andy would be long out of business if he sold ford or g.m. I guess when you are but one of a few you can be an ass and get away with it.I did a complete brake job on my 40 ply with all parts from him when I found one of my wheel cyl. needed more than the kit he would not sell me one rear wheel cyl,although he sells them seperate.when I asked him why ? he rudly said all my wheel cyls must be bad ! I tried to tell him that I know what I am doing, politely and I bought the kits from him and he barks he dosnt have it, unless I by all 4!!! I like a fool end up buying all four cyls.At 50.00 each. within 6 months all the new wheel cyls begain to leak do to a course finish in the bore. I used the new kits that I orignally bought to rebuild my new cyls! the so called oem type windshield rubber is in the attic maybe I can cut it up use it for bits of rubber for something. I worked in auto parts and service for 30 years and canot say anything good about andy other than by dealing with him I learned to use a computer and find honest nice people like roberts motors and others


(23 Jun 2007) Allen Greene wrote:

After a very rude phone call, I ordered a windshield gasket for my 41 Dodge, because I was assured they had the correct product. The 1st one was wrong, I called, they were rude. A guy named Steve said he would send the correct one. #2 was the same gasket. Steve said he would personally ship the correct one. Yesterday #3 arrived. The very same gasket as #1 &2. Each mistake they make cost me $10 shipping to return and a full week lost being able to use my car. Try Restoration Specialties or Steele Rubber Products. Bernbaum should be a last resort!!!


(15 Jul 2007) Mark Reynolds wrote:

Mixed opinion. AB had the brake parts for my 58 Imperial no-one else had and shipped promptly. However, they sent two idler arm busings that flat did not fit (and the part was ruined trying to make it work). When I complained they said they never had a problem and "whadaya want me to do about it?" (of course nothing done!). NAPA had a part that fit right and as $10 cheaper #267.5200 (not cataloged, found it on the 300 club site)


(18 Oct 2007) AJR wrote:

I'm truly sorry for any other person who feels they were not serviced by Andy B. My numerous experiences have been very businesslike with good parts that fit and did their job as Mopar originally intended. I had taken the time to research what I needed prior to contacting AB. Armed with knowledge, I knew what I needed. If he had it, I bought it. If not, I searched elsewhere. I respect his business and appreciate his honest dealings with me. Just be armed with information when you speak with him and the transaction will go well.


(21 Dec 2007) Ken L wrote:



(9 Jan 2008) Joe wrote:

Bad attitude. Arrogant salespeople. I won't do business with them again. I can't believe they're still in business. There are plenty of other places I can get parts. I wonder if they know how much they're disliked.


(14 Jan 2008) Mike wrote:

I have 2 projects, a '36 Plymouth and a '48 Dodge. Have bought several times from AB without a problem. I am dismayed that the catalog lists lots of parts that he doesn't carry. The only problem I've had with a part is a window regulator for my '48 Dodge. I had to modify it extensively to make it work.


(23 Jan 2008) Dave Stengel wrote:

just tried to order parts again from these arrogant people.As everyone says,they are very rude.I,v dealt with them many times,but today was my last contact.It is a wonder they can remain in business with this attitude..It shouldn't be to much trouble to be alittle nicer when your taking our money,mr b..........


(24 Jan 2008) Lance wrote:

I have dealt with andy at least a dozen times. He may not be prince charming, but he's always been honest. His service, shipping,parts availability,and crediting core charges and returns have been great. I have never had a problem. I will purchase from him in the future.


(22 Feb 2008) Harry wrote:

Purchased some wheel cylinders and the bores were different that original. I paid shipping to get them and paid the shipping back to get my money back. Lost the money on both ways shipping. Sent a letter telling him it was a safety issue selling the wrong size brake parts than original. Never heard from him, probably just trashed the letter. If you get brake parts -check them before installing.


(9 Jun 2008) Bob Benzing wrote:



(12 Jun 2008) Bob Benzing wrote:

Stop the complaints if you don't know what your ordering. I have ordered parts twice for my 48' Plymouth braking system. The parts were perfect and at reasonable prices. I checked with Roberts and Andy's were 10-20% cheaper. Steve was most helpful...and will order again. Fast delivery..good communicators..know what you want!


(8 Jul 2008) Jim Van Der Heyden wrote:

I bought over $800.00 worth of rubber for my DeSoto S11 frame-off resto. All in one order. Fully 85% of the rubber was wrong or it didn't fit or was for a wrong model of car. Each time I talked to them about a problem, I was always made to feel it was my fault. I will only buy from Steele Rubber now. Very pricey but always satisfied.


(17 Jul 2008) Frank Collins wrote:

Have been buying from AB for 20 yrs. Mostly satisfied with parts but pretty grumpy to deal with. Redoing a 48 ply Bus Cpe, using his new wheel and master cylinders. coulden't get the front wheel cylinders on, the drum woulden't go on. Had to buy new pistons and shorten the pins to get them to work. Bought his vent window rubber seals and the fit as original. his service is quick, usually get parts in 2 or 3 days. I would rather deal with Steve than Andy.........


(26 May 2009) Walt Illgen wrote:

I have used Andy Birnbaum to purchase items to restore my 1941(stock) PLYMOUTH coupe several times.The person on the phone was always helpful, the items were of good quality,and shipping was quick and well packaged. YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPPOINTED WITH AB.


(18 Sep 2009) Walt Illgen wrote:

you gotta love im or hate them, but they have the best for my 47 say they are rude is correct!,at first i thought it was me, but now im happy to find out im not alone, must be the watch down there!!!!


(12 Jan 2010) Mike Kolve wrote:

I've purchased many parts from AB for my 50 Plymouth. The NOS speedometer cable was a joke. It was probably made for a vehicle from the 70's. Sure, it might have worked, but AB proclaimed it was an NOS part! His attitude sucks and I've lost way to much money shipping his crap back to him. I ordered all window rubber and ended up purchasing additional rubber from Steele to do the job correctly. I finally gave up on this ass and went to Napa. Napa had just as many parts and at reasonable prices. I just had to wait a couple of days to get the parts delivered from their warehouse to my local Napa store. It was well worth the wait.


(23 Feb 2010) Bruce Kepley wrote:

I've bought quite a few parts from Andy for my 1962 Chrysler, most of them were good and shipment was fast but the rear window seal for my 62 chrysler was a joke...trim wouldn't come close to fitting, called Jeff on the west coast, he said he had the same issue, suggested that I use a used one that had been soaked in some type of restoring liquid, did so, perfect, no issue...price was also less...bruce kepley


(21 Jul 2010) Dave Burdis wrote:

purchased rebuilt water pump for our 1956 desoto from andy bernbaum after only 300 miles cooling fan came off with water pump shaft still attached! bent fan, fan shroud, pulley, destroyed both fan belts but worst of all fan went through my new nos $650 radiator. after calling ab he said that there was nothing he could do for me as he did not manufacture the water pump that he sold me! he would not even send he another pump! before water pump came apart he would not accept my old core at the show he was at-had to pay a lot of money to ship it to him! in my job (customer service) if i treated my customers as he treated me i would be dismissed from my job (cost us over $900 to repair our desoto cannot advise anyone to buy from this clown of a person!


(5 Mar 2012) Sean DO wrote:

I just had a great experience with Bernbaum Auto Parts. Like most others my previous experience was rude, gruff, and not helpful at all. Enter the new owner, Chris. Excellent turn about and I would give him a fresh start. He knows the challenges he faces due to the previous owner but I think he will turn it around.


(10 Aug 2012) Bob Dotson wrote:

Tried to buy a power steering pressure hose that was listed and priced. Was told they don't have them with out looking. I asked why it was listed and was told they don't update the web site very often. I have seen it listed for over 2 years now, I wander how long they haven't had it. 8/10/2012


(8 Nov 2012) John Weide wrote:

bought some stuff from andy berbaums ..41 plymouth...bad fitting rubber parts,the gas tank grommet looked real good but within a year it had weather checked to the point of looking like the one that was 65 years old..never again.Now maybe you buy brake parts from him made from some inferior cheap rubber compound and try to stop in a hurry some get the picture.


(10 Jan 2013) Jack Keefer wrote:

Chris P. what a standup kinda guy. I had a problem and couldn't get any satisfaction as quickly as I needed from the old crew. I spoke to Chris P. and explained my problem with windshield seal and bam he took care of it faster than a speeding bullet. Chris P. and the team at Bernbaum are on the right track and should be very successful in the coming future. I will always contact you as my first choice. Good luck and thank you again.


(15 Jul 2013) Adrien Rebillout wrote:

i buy brake parts for my 41 and 48 dodge, the parts is made in china and this is not realy like the original parts, need to increase the hole for the bleeder screw can fit good on his place. delivery fast, helpfull.


(27 Aug 2013) Burt Laird wrote:

Nice to find a site with parts for my old car, product looks great and his shipping is incredibly fast.


(14 Jun 2015) Lachie Jackson wrote:

I had a fuel pump issue so I sent CP an email explaining the problem and he offered me a full refund or new pump and I wanted a new pump so he sent me a new pump free of charge all I had to do was pay shipping to Australian gee I have used them many times before and will continue to use them again they suit my needs just fine


(11 Feb 2016) Peter Bertolino wrote:

I have been using Andy since 1980 on my 41 desoto great service fast shipping you know what they say shit happens always do your research first


(21 May 2016) Peder Gustawson wrote:

Bought parts from Andy several times in the past.No problem.However,one time the "idiot" answered,rude as hell.He really shouldn't answer the phone since he can't stand people calling.What a complete a-hole.I'll never call them again.








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