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(23 Jun 2007) From Doug Norton:

DAS did an excellent job of transporting my 1964 Crown Coupe from near Atlanta, GA, to Dallas, TX. It was obvious that they were very careful. There were handwritten notes inside the car explaining how to set the parking brake, and how to release it by putting the car into gear. All in all, an excellent job.


(7 Nov 2007) From Mark Evans:

DAS did 8K worth of damage to my Imperial. I would NEVER use them for anything but salvage vehicles. That's what it will become if you use them.


(26 Nov 2009) From Norm:

When I moved to California several years ago, I used DAS. Result: 4 cars shipped / 4 cars damaged. You decide


(30 Nov 2012) From Bob Blackman:

I just had DAS handle the shipping of my '64 LeBaron, from RI to Minneapolis, MN. The charge was reasonable, the service was great, and the car arrived 4 days ahead of it's ETA. No damage to the car. Notes on the shipping tag in the car about how to set the Park, and the emergency brake would automatically disengage. A very positive experience.









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