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Alison wrote:

Damper Doctor is rebuilding the center link for my '63. Should be back today or tomorrow. This is my first experience with them but they seem very good and the turn around is quick. The price was about $130.


Jay wrote:

If you need your carrier bearing rebuilt, you can send it to The Damper Doctor. They did mine and did a great job on the mount. I sent them my complete insulator/bearing for rebuilding/replacement. The new bearing came back with the wrong inner diameter. When I sent it back, they refunded me the cost of the bearing plus $10 for my trouble. I recommend them, just make sure you give them the specs on your original bearing if you want it replaced.


Dan wrote:

You can get your harmonic balancer rebuilt by Damper Doctor.  They rebuilt mine and I recommend them as a good source.


Marc wrote:

I used Damper Doctor for my mounts.

First rebuilt set failed, so he took them back and did them again, at no charge. First batch had contaminated rubber, so fell apart soon after installation.

Second set has worked fine for 4 years now.

(27 Jul 2004) Bill R. wrote:

We had our driveshaft center bearing rebuilt by the Damper Doctor, great job and very timely. He advertises repair of harmonic balancers, but also reworks the driveshaft center supports.


(31 Mar 2017) Dale Meyer wrote:

Damper Doctor has done great work for me on multiple projects. These projects did include some rare applications. He recently did work on my Nash project. The turn around time was exceptional..and the work accurate. Thanks John!







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