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From Eric:

I bought the underhood pad last year and it was as promised. Gary Goers is on the good list.


From Greg M.:

Before any of you seriously consider contacting Gary Goers concerning your leather interior or trunk kits or weather-stripping for your Imperials or other Mopar products, please listen to how he has treated me! Had I known what type of person I would be dealing with, I would have looked elsewhere.

First let me say, like all of you who have heard of the quality of his work, it is excellent. That is not the problem. It is, plain and simple, how he TREATS his customers. I would have found myself without any customers at all if I treated mine the way he has treated me! From the time I first contacted him, I was warned by others of the ridiculous time frame I was looking at to get back my leather seat covers. It took almost 18 months before I finally received them! No amount of calling, pleading or even threatening legal action (he had a $500 deposit) did any good! The same thing occurred when I attempted to order weather-stripping and a trunk kit. Although I did finally receive the items I ordered, it took repeated emails explaining my need for these things and the time frame in which I was working. He still took months getting me what I ordered!

But his latest behavior is inexcusable! Going on 7 weeks ago (December 9, 2003) I contacted him because my $2,500 leather seat covers had turned two different shades of gold! They look awful! I was shocked when I discovered this and took them to my upholsterer who said because they had a metallic dye on them, he could not redye them for me! He doesn't know of any source for that type of dye. I immediately contacted Gary and surprisingly, he did respond with a terse note saying this color change had only happened once before and he wasn't using that hide supplier anymore! He reluctantly offered to remix some dye once he received a sample of the shade of metallic gold I wanted him to match. I did this the very next day! I explained to him how urgent it was that I get the dye quickly as the upholstery shop would simply move on and my car would be put at the bottom of the list! To this day (January 16, 2004) he has yet to reply to any of my emails! I have been patient but this is ridiculous! My $2,500 seat covers are useless unless I find another leather shop who can match this dye. Does anyone have any suggestionss/

I am beyond being exasperated with Goers. I don't see how he stays in business. I have written him, gently inquiring when I could expect the dye. He can't even take one minute to reply to my emails. Not one minute! He doesn't answer his phone nor does he respond to a FAX. I have given up on him but I am writing this diatribe to WARN others on the list of the treatment I have received. Maybe this message will save you from the hassles and heartaches I have experienced dealing with him. Again, does anyone know of someone who is reputable and would be willing to mix up the metallic leather dye? Until the covers are dyed, my interior work has come to a screeching halt!


From Kurt:

I just wanted to report that I just received my first shipment of parts from Gary Goers within 3 weeks of having mailed my order to him! I am a first time customer and I was a little nervous with all of the negative IML postings recently. My total order was in the $700 range and I received about 70% of the total order in this first shipment along with a nice note from Gary stating that he would be shipping the remainder in February when he returns from a buying trip. I could not ask for better service than this from any specialty parts supplier and would highly recommend Gary to anyone. Both quality and service are excellent!


From Dale:

I know this thread comes and goes on at least an annual basis. I also just received a quite sizeable order ($1800 worth) from Gary. It took about 8 weeks to get all of the stuff. His assistant had called me several times to make sure what I had ordered was indeed what I needed and he did an excellent job of following through on my questions and my order. I am pleased with what I have received.

I just encourage anyone that deals with a small operator to have patience. As many of us know, Imperials and Mopars do not have the same restoration support as the other major US auto manufactures. People who do this work are often sole proprietors working to make a living and run a small business. They are not always techno savvy and most of the time do not have staff to support every function the business may need. So when you do get something done well, within reasonable time, and at a good price, be sure to sincerely thank that person. I for one am pleased that Gary is out doing what he does. Where else would I go for some of these soft trim items. They just aren't out there.

From Henry H.:

I/we have ordered lots of stuff over the past five years or so. Yes, we waited some but we did get what we ordered. Point is that he has a BIG workload servicing his customers plus looking for new sources and coming up with more stuff that we need to add to his catalog. He has supplier problems at times and he does have a personal life.

My 2 cents is we should be very, very grateful that he is there doing what he does. Other sources are few and far between.



From Christopher M.:

Although my orders haven't been as sizeable as the ones mentioned, Gary and his assistant have always given me prompt curteous service. I have always had the same lead times with most automotive suppliers over the years - two to three weeks on the average.

I appreciate Gary and his products because quite honestly, there is no one else out there that has what he offers (with the same quality and attention to originality).



From Chris H.:

Gary is a one-man show and is the only game in town for these items. So what can you do but place your order and hope is shows up sooner rather than later?

It seems the best thing to do with Gary is send one order with everything you need, instead of doing several small orders. Seems to get better response.


From Kerry P.:

Yep, Gary is slower than mollases in February in Maine and he can be hard to deal with and difficult to get in touch with. Here is the situation that has been discussed many times in the past few years. Gary is a one man shop. At one time he had some help who had just gotten knowledgable enough to help with customer inquiries and such then they quit. Gary was unsuccessful in hiring other competent help and, I understand, was seriously considering shutting down. I THINK I remember an email a year or so back where he basically said he would fulfill existing orders then was done.

I expect he was beseiged with people begging him to stay in business because he is the only source. He's going to do what he's going to do, he has more business than he can handle. If you find another source use it. If you can't, you'll just have to wait. Ultimately you will get your products and they will be magnificent. Russell (a very good friend of mine) is the first person I know who has had a problem with the PRODUCT.


From Marty T.:

I received my order from Gary in about 6 weeks, and it was a $1200.00 order of weather-stripping, clips, trunk and some interior parts. Everything was great except I am missing a $100.00 item (a plastic trim around the seat, and a decal that was to come with a trunk handle). I think he may have backordered these items but I'm not sure as no invoice came with the order. I also over paid $80.00 to cover anything he might have needed to adjust the order, but he filled my order exactly as I wrote it. So my next step is to write him (Gary's preferred way of doing business), as phone, e-mails and fax do nothing, asking for the status of the missing items and refund. I only wish Gary would break down and hire a secretary to handle customer service (or just someone that can maintain a computer to answer e-mails), it would give him more time to do what he does best (work on old cars) not do paperwork. The increase in business and cash flow would offset the salary of the secretary by far.

Just to let everyone know how my last dealings with Gary Goers rapped up. I was going to send a nice letter to Gary, complimenting his on the quality of the parts and the reasonable delivery (6 weeks from ordering) but in it, asking for an invoice and a refund or to just contact me, when low and behold!!!!!!!!!! I got a letter from him that had an invoice, an explanation of the few missing items, and a refund check for $332.90. Gary had made a separate hand written invoice and recalculated the order and refunded it accordingly. I just wanted to put some of you at ease, if you have a pending order from him. As others have said, he does it the old slow way but I am very happy with the outcome and would recommend Gary to people that have a lot of patience and want good reproduction parts.


From Mark B.:

I know Goers is not particularly responsive. My own experience with him has been positive and timely. I have ordered the underhood soundproofing, fasteners (they didn't fit real well, ended up using most of the originals) weatherstrip. Don't give up on him.


From Paul R.:

Unfortunately, when it comes to Imperials and upholstery work, I have seen few jobs that come close to his in quality of workmanship. Most shops don't seem willing to duplicate the original as closely as Gary. We see evidence of that on Ebay where we see cars that have been "professionaly restored" by shops that don't care and owners that don't know any better, even though thousands of dollars have been spent.

The folks that I know that were happy with the work that Gary did for them actually drove their car to his shop and waited for it to be finished before they went home. I think that my friend and his wife even assisted in the assembly of the seat covers. For all of their trouble, the car is absolutely beautiful.

Personally, if I do decide to have some work done I plan to find a local shop to do it. I have a few in mind that I plan to check, but I will not allow them to touch my car until I see some samples of their work. I reason that making an appointment and leaving a car in the shop incents them to finish it so that they can make room for their next job.

Gary needs to do a better job of taking care of his business or he will not be around too long. A bad recommendation from the IML could really poison his reputation.

From Matt H.:

A friend of mine has gotten complete sets of interiors from Goers. They are great. You might have to wait a while but I know it will be worth it.


From Kenyon:

Gary is a unique fellow.

This must be taken into account when dealing with him.

If you own an Imperial that isn't totally restored already, his catalog is worth the $3 or whatever it costs.

Gary is a one-man-band (maybe has an assistant). Unlike commercial concerns that are set up to revolve around client service and profit, Gary revolves around reporducing parts that are not available through other means. Read between the lines on his pricing. He's not gouging/getting rich on any rare items.

Bless their cloisienne hearts, but emblemagic's prices are high and their supply is right on (as far as I know). You pay extra to carry their inventory for your own convenience so that your stuff's probably in stock when you order. I'll have to pay $1000 for 5 plastic emblems to complete my car. Yikes! I have more time than money for stuff like that, but that's the way it goes.

Since he's just one and in some cases hand-making things like carpets, etc., he tends to let orders accumulate and then do all of his carpet orders in a batch. I think that I'd do it this way too if I were doing this sort of business alone.

His quality and general reputation for fariness have never been questioned to my memory. We have not gotten messages about him doing anything that is "wrong" to people outside of slow turnaround time.

I will be ordering items from him without any worries about getting what I order, sooner or later. I have heard that an order will result in an initial flurry of whatever he has on the shelf already, followed by intermittent items as he procures them. I will not be bashful about sending email check-up messages/phone calls, and plan not to get frustrated over time. If he hasn't shipped it when I absoutely need it, I'll look elsewhere and work something out with him before I do so.

I know of no other source for the grey cardboard that lined my trunk area. Same with all of the little stickers that go in the engine compartment and so forth.

That's easy to say whith my car apart to the shell/frame and time to burn. I think that people that are doing complete cars with months left on their projects are his target market.

From Bill J.:

Gary basically is a one man show anymore. He lost his long time helper some time ago, so he handles almost everything himself. If he is out of town or at a show he may not get to answer his email for some time but he will answer, eventually, if it is a parts request. I recently got some weather-strip from him. He even shipped it before I sent him the check. Not too many people will do that for you.


From Paul T. Knisely:


(I sent him a copy to read along with the rest of you ingrates). Gonna miss you Gary.......


From Gene:

OK fellas so someone always has a bad experience when they spend money!! Maybe Gary should have a sliding scale for Imperial owners. Money doesn't always buy everyhing. In my experience 59 Desoto, Seat Covers, Carpet, Hood pad, Window rubber, exterior rubber gaskets, clips, Dash and Armrest fabric, excellent fit exact original match, a very fair price. Reasonable delivery, for a very rare "car". If it is so bad, why not compete with him? I am thankful this "stuff" was available. Go Gary Go !!


From Rob Croft (29 Jan 2007):

I just wanted to give a thumbs up for Gary. I ordered some parts for my '55 Mopar (Oct 2006). In my rush I mailed a personal check to him with the correct amount on it but in Canadian dollars. I never thought about it until my parts arrived a quick 3 weeks later. The parts were all there and looked good. A copy of the order I filled out originally, came in the box with "paid in Canadian funds" written on it. So he sent me all my parts even though it was US$33 short. I did the right thing and sent him a US bank draft for the $33.


From Ken Miller (15 July 2007):

It's July, 2007 and I just received trunk parts (panels, carpets and weatherstrip) from Gary. They arrived in just eleven days from the time I mailed my order! All of the material is of excellent quality. I know there have been issues in the past, but this order was a smooth as silk.


From Dave Kinach (9 Jan 2008):

I Received my order this week ( front/rear seat upholstery, door panels, carpet etc.) for my 62 300. Opening the package to reveal all that beatifull red leather made all the wait (13 months) worthwhile, I brought the kit to my upholsterer and he was very impressed with the quality. I'm going to add my name to the list of satisfied customers who understand the difficulty in providing this unique service to all us old Mopar C/D body fans, and all at a very reasonable price. Hang in there Gary! You are appreciated. Hmmmm,,,now where did I put that catalog??


From Dan (7 Jun 2009):

I've known gary for going on 30 years. He has ALWAYS been responsive to me and done his best for me & my cars. Who else would make hard silicone parts for my one-of-a-kind front end? Who else would offer to repro parts if i'd send him an original to mold from?


From Moose (30 Jul 2009):

I am just a middle man trying to get parts for a really rare '56 D-500-1 convertible. Gary has answered every e-mail I sent with questions so far. He doesn't have a problem answering my stupid questions about a car I know nothing about. The owner of the car is ordering today because of the quick answers and the wide variety of parts Gary carries.


From Norm Frey (22 Oct 2010):

I have dealt with Gary for about 30 years AND NEVER had a problem !! He is most gracious when ever i visit him . Where would we be without him !!! His work is meticulous & priced very fair . lease enter your review here.


From Bruce Robinson (13 Dec 2010):

I ordered a number of items from Gary they wher as described and came in a reasonable time


From Adrian King (2 Jul 2012):

Just to inform u I have been waiting now 2 years for my 57' Saratoga seat covers from Gary Goers, lucky I'm patient !!!


From John Jordan (27 Dec 2012):

I have ordered many parts from Gary for my 58 Dodge. The parts,many of which are very difficult to obtain anywhere else have always been delivered in some cases quickly and in others in a month or two.On one occasion the parts ( perhaps a third order) were sent before he had even received payment.So don't expect miracles,and order the parts well in advance of the time scale you are working to so as not to disrupt a completion schedule.Patience is sadly lacking nowadays,you may need to get some,and help the guy from being pestered to death..


From Val Jeffers (18 Oct 2016):

Just received new back front seat back covers for my 300G. They are excellent beyond words ! Gary is a very talented person and we are very fortunate to have him.



* * * UPDATE June 2019 - Gary Goers business sold to Quirey Quality Design Co. * * *
(beginning 6/2019)


From Robert May (25 Jun 2019):

I just order rubber parts for weather striping for my 1963 Imperial conv doors and body. The service was very good, pricing for the parts was fair after paying for them they arrive in 3 days very happly with the Quirey Quality Design people 6/2019










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