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From Joe:

Lowell Howe is very helpfull and friendly, fast delivery on parts, very professional.

From Butch:

I would like to say that I have done business with Lowell more than once. He was very helpful with my needs. He gave me good prices and fast delivery. I have been to his place and spent a half day with him asking question and looking at cars, he was just great to deal with. I will be going back to him very soon looking for some parts.


From Jim B.:

Lowell Howe has made my recent troubles easier to deal with. I needed a replacement gas tank for my '60 Imperial. He found one within 1 hour and shipped the same day. The tank is in excellent condition inside and out. The price was fair and the service was superior.


From Mark T.:

I called Lowe for a center carrier bearing. I called him late Friday, he went back to his shop and mailed me that night. It arrived the next Tuesday. I got my billing from him after the fact. Very fast, very friendly, very easy to work with. The shop even complimented his work.


From Tom McMahon:

I have used Lowell of two occasions and found him to be fair and easy to work with. I needed a center bearing from him and the part he sent was a perfect fit. My most recent purchase of a remote controlled side view mirror was in excellent condition.


From Travis:

Very great to deal with. I needed a power steering pump for my 57 Imperial and talked to him on Friday. When I arrived home from work on Monday my part was waiting on me without even leaving a deposit. Great to talk and deal with. Will use him again without a doubt.


From Rich Porter:

I purchased a valve cover from Lowell. Very friendly and knows his Imperials. I will continue to do business with him. Plus he was very honest!!!


From Jim McCarthy:

I called Lowell to see if he had a part for my 64 Imperial. I drove over and saw him and his place. The next time I call for assistance, I won't ask him if he has it..after seeing his yard and speaking with him, I know he WILL deliver. Any knowledge he has he will pass on. A genuine good guy! Thanks for this website and thank you Lowell!


From Richard T. Woolf:

Lowell was great about sending my door spring kit before he got the check. He's helped me in the pass many times before. He's very depenable.


From Jeff Maltby:

I've known lowell since 1988 and while I'm a Cadillac Lasalle club member/buff, he's one of the most interesting guy one could ever meet and Talk about HOT AIR!!!!!! WHEW Thanks pop


From Jim Lorenzen (9 Jun 2007):

I called and left a message on Saturday, Lowell returned my call Monday morning, I asked about a headlight bezel for my '60 Imperial, He said he'd get back to me and did the next morning, and I had the part Thursday afternoon. I was nervous because he never quoted a price but the invoice that came with the part was very, very reasonable. He works on the Honor System and sets the example by being extreemly honorable himself. After all the scams and ripoffs what a relief to find him!


From Roger Crabtree (13 Nov 2007):

Lowel is the greatest. I was stranded in Green River Wyoming with a broken water pump shaft. The fan went throught the radiator distroying both. I searched for a fan for hours by phone in Salt Lake and by the web. Lowel had the only one in captivity. He sold it to me for 50 dollars and shipped it to me without payment. He just told me to send him a check. He trusted me to pay him even though he did not know me. the part was sandblasted and ready to paint. He paid for the shipping and handling. I sent him the check as soon as I recieved the part. It took about 3 days. Lowell is a great person and vender and I would have no problem wiht using him again.


From Dimas Rodriguez (18 Feb 2008):

Mr Howe sold me a gas tank he was the only one that asked me what and how does it look like where is the lines and spout located at,i got a very good price for what i bought i well continue to buy my other parts from him.thank you Mr Howe your friend in Texas


From Ron Rowlands (24 Apr 2008):

Lowell is the best not only is he know his stuff but he couldn't be more helpful and super fast!!!! I will definitely be using him in the future and would recommend him to anybody!!!! Thanks again, Lowell!!!! Ron Rowlands


From Johnny C (24 Apr 2008):

lowell was a pleasure to work with,i called , he had the part and sent it./ got it in two days ,if you need parts just deal with him, save your self a lot of problems. johnnie c


From Lino Mazzocca (30 Aug 2008):

I just can thank Lowell for the parts he sent to me. His spare parts are in very good shape, the service is very fast, the package is excellent and the price is really honest. I recommend him to everybody. Thanks Lowell!! Lino and Liliane from Venice - Italy


From Steven Rich (18 Jul 2009):

Lowell Howe helped furnish parts to rebuild a 1955 Imperial coupe I purchased from Neil Young's Broken Arrow Ranch car collection. The car was a basket case with lots of missing parts. Lowell had every single missing item in excellent condition, with fair prices, speedy shipping, and a great sense of humor. A great guy who is an asset to this crazy hobby.


From Rick Moody (22 Oct 2009):

Lowell sent the proper center support the day after I spoke with him. Had it within 4 days. Perfect part. Also returned core deposit very quickly. A pleasure to deal with and he knows his Imperial parts!!!!


From Ben T. (15 Feb 2010):

Out of all the parts vendors that I have dealt with so far, Lowell Howe provided the most professional service. He is very knowledgable about Imperials and was very quick in sending me my center support. I highly recommend him!


From Jeff R. (8 Feb 2011):

Lowell Howe is fantastic. I bought hinge kits for my car. I believe that I messed the one up on installation. I asked Lowell if he could send me just enough parts to redo what I had to redo. He wouldn't take any payment and sent me a whole kit. It wasn't his fault, and I made sure he knew it. He's too good of a guy!


From Norm Frey (21 Feb 2011):

I have dealt with lowell for many years He is the nicest chap & VERRRRRY honest !! Guy's like him make owning a Imperial fun


From Lars Karlsson (2 Oct 2011):

Lowell did send the 54 Imperial parts all the way to Sweden. Then I had the choose to return the parts or to buy'em. A fantastic guy.


From Chris M (16 Oct 2011):

Lowell is a decent and honest man who still does business the old fashioned way. He is very knowledgeable and helpful.






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