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From Fred Kanter (21 May 2009):


We were happy to discover Imperial Web Pages back in '05 and continue to value it as a forum through which we can monitor customer feedback and satisfaction.

Every employee at Kanter Auto Products tries their best to satisfy each and every customer that orders from us. Antique cars are not the cookie cutter cars of today and the application data can be awfully complicated. Over the past 49 years, we have sorted through manufacturers application guides, factory service manuals, thousands of parts, and have hired some of the most knowledgeable people in the classic car hobby - all in an effort to improve our customer satisfaction.

We process many thousands of orders each week and, while 99% of them reach the customer in a timely fashion with no errors, mistakes do happen from time to time. Throughout the years, we have implemented systems to reduce errors and speed up our shipping times.

If you have a customer service problem or concern, please contact Dan Winget, our customer service supervisor. He can be reached at (800) 526-1096 x 307. We will do everything we can to make it right. All of our products feature a lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects and we have a 30-day, "NO QUESTIONS ASKED" return policy. In the case of incorrectly supplied parts, there is no time limit we have exchanged parts purchased over 15 years prior.

Many, many thanks to all of you for your business over the years. Enthusiasts like you are the reason that we are in this business. We are always at your service please contact us with any comments, questions, or concerns. And if you had a pleasant experience with us, please feel free to post it up and share it with the thousands of other enthusiasts who visit this page!


Fred Kanter

President, Kanter Auto Products


(800) 526-1096

The vendor review section of this website is provided as a means of keeping club members informed about practices and experiences concerning various providers of parts and services.  This section contains unedited, unsolicited opinions expressed by members of an online car club. No attempt has been made to bias the opinions, or slant the number of viewpoints on one side or another. All opinions have been included, as supplied.  If any vendors don't like the viewpoints expressed here, they are welcome to provide a rebuttal, which will be posted just as the one above.

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(23 June 2007) From Ernie:

Kanter has always been great for me! I have ordered a variety of parts for several cars and the sales staff has always been knowledgable, and the shipping has been fast. I just received an order placed 5 days before. Thir prices are a little higher, but I don't mind paying a bit more for good parts.


(29 Sep 2007) From Marty Curry:



(29 Sep 2007) From Frank:

I must say, I do enjoy working with Kanter's. I always receive the best of service. I have also recieved parts that I had to send back because it was the wrong part. They credited my credit card and I was even past the 30 days and told them I woudl accept store credit. I recently had dealings with John, and he was very helpful. I'm thankful for a place like Kanter's.


(21 Nov 2007) From Fred Kanter:

To Marty Curry,

First I want to apologize for the long delay in getting yoiur master cylinder back to you. It is not the nmorm for us and what cause the delay has been solved.

NOw to the problem. The master cylinder you purchased had rust in it which caused the piston to stick in the bore. This is caused by properties of brake fluid that make it absorb water from the atmosphere. That is why owners/service manuals instruct owners to flush and change brake fluid periodically.

The resulting rust is not a defect in the master cylinder and therefore is not covered in the warranty. YOu state the cylinder was purchased 5 years ago, however the invioce yoiu returned was from 1998, 9 years ago.

You requested we replace the cylinder for free or rebuild it for free. We do that if it is a fault of a defective part , but not if it due to owner neglect or abuse as in your case. WE gave you a choice and you chose to have rebuild it for $50. ould you have preferred us to tell yuou it was not covered under warrantee and just returned the inoperative part to you??

If yoiu still feel the part was defective, please inofrm us of hte defect and we will consider your claim.

Again I apologize for the inconvenience we caused


(7 Feb 2008) From Dave Mansford:

Most of these comments about Kanter having poor service are correct. Save the headache and dont buy from them. I bought some bearings from them. They repackaged them under a different name and refused to take them back.Most of these comments about Kanter having poor service are correct. Save the headache and dont buy from them. I bought some bearings from them. They repackaged them under a different name and refused to take them back.


(7 Mar 2008) From Docante:

I agree the sevice sucks. You just need to do a little sluething to find where they get their stuff from. For engine parts try egge machine. For carpet try chester and harrod in california. It will blow you away at how much they mark up their stuff.


(1 Jul 2008) From Greg:

I have purchased items in past and never really had a problem. today I called spoke to a person named Joe. Asked a couple of questions and before I was finished he hung up on me. I will shop else where for all my restoration needs. His attitude sucked. Business must be good at kanter to lose another customer.


(13 Aug 2008) From J Lang:

I am building a 54 chevy and ordered a front end rebuild kit. While awaiting my frame back from powder coating i decided to put in power steering and wanted to return the parts for store credit, I never even opened the box but was told by the "i dont care" sales manager it was past 30 days and he would not exhange the parts. At first I thought he was kidding but he wasnt. Ive built many cars and have never had a vendor problem like this, im stuck with parts I cant use and a sales manager who couldnt care less. If I treated my customers this way I wouldnt have any!


(28 Jul 2009) From Roland Dollner:

I`ve ordered parts from Kanter about 6 weeks ago. They charged my credit card and I never received the parts. I `m calling every day and they tell me the same again and again. They have to look for the invoice. NEVER AGAIN !! I`m ready to cancel the order soon. Buy your parts somewhere else even if there more expensive.


(4 Aug 2009) From Janus:

I build cars for celebrities like Jay Leno, Ralph Lauren and others. I called to get a transmission mount from kanter, and received the WORST customer service EVER from a guy named "J.W." He was rude, sent me the wrong part, and when mailed the part back and called to confirm that he got it I was told "well, we will issue you a credit in three months?!!! wtf?Are you KIDDING me?

To top it off, the phone rings a MILLION times before anyone picks up, and when you finally get a person, they are rude, not forthcoming with important information, and are generally tempermental. NEVER AGAIN will I deal with Kanter. btw for those at Kanter watching, my order number is K12597.


(9 Sep 2009) From Mike Leverty:



(16 Sep 2010) From Jim Griggs:

I have ordered many times from Kanter over the years, and all my transactions have been professional and pleasant. I make them my first call.


(12 Feb 2011) From Nake Daza:

I ordered and received 2 barrel (low compression 9:1) pistons for my 1967 Oldsmobile 425 engine. I was pleased to receive the correct pistons but I was a little dismayed by the way I had to order them. I wanted low compression pistons because of today's gasoline, so I had to guess and order 2 barrel pistons as opposed to 4 barrel pistons. I just wish Kanter would be more specific in their product descriptions. I'd like to see part numbers and compression ratios listed in the discription of their pistons. I would bet that if Kanter would revamp their catalogue with part numbers and better part descriptions, they would sell many more parts.


(16 Aug 2011) From Dave McKenzie:

I have ordered several items for my Packard from kanter and not had any problems. My only complaint would be that no matter how small the part it comes in a box big enough to hold a catalogue which I usually don't need and so the postage is more expensive.


(1 Nov 2011) From David Meredith:

I just received 16 valves and a timing chain. Might have weighed 5 lbs.. You charged me $48.00 shipping????????I took the same box and put in two motor mounts weighing more than than what you sent to me and sent it to California for less than $9.00. You can take 15% shipping and stuff it. I'll not be a victim of this BS again. You guys should change your address to Wall St. with the rest of the greedy bastards. Sincerely, David Meredith


(29 Jun 2012) From Zen Sutherland:

Sub standard at very best. In this day and age after an order is placed I expect it to ship the same or next day. Orders do not leave Kanter for several days, and Im not talking about back ordered parts. My first order was screwed up and you'd think to correct that they'd have gotten the parts they left out quickly, but even then I ordered on Monday AM and they did not leave till Thursday. Also to ship a set of brake shoes and hoses from NJ to NY they charged me $ 49.00 shipping & handling. Not good call back habits either.


(15 Sep 2012) From Paul Zitzer:

I ordered a emergency brake cable, the first time I pushed the em. brake it pulled right out of the bracket. Made in China junk. Ordered again , stupit as I am, a pair of rear springs made in USA ,they arrived here in Switzerland 2 inches shorter than the old ones.Postage 350 US. Now my 56 Buick sits lower in the ass end than before. Called them before shipment to make sure they are the correct height. They use only one size rear springs for all Buicks from 1937 to 1956 not considering the much higher weight of a 56 Roadmaster over a 37 coupe. Thanks Kanter Boys for doing it once and doing it right.


(13 Nov 2012) From Norm Silverman:

I ordered brake shoes for my car. They came with holes for the return springs that were so close to the end of the metal as to compromise their safe use. I contacted Kanter and they were replaced. HOWEVER, the ORIGINAL DEFECT was so clear to the eye, STEVIE WONDER would have picked it up. That tells me nobody looked it over before they stocked it or shipped it. Again, they DID make it right-I had to do it TWICE, not ONCE.


(6 Feb 2013) From Ted Fior:

Never again will I order from kanter. Ordered a whole interior and when it came after a few months the seat covers did not even come close to fitting.They told me that in 2 weeks I would have them back. 4 weeks later still no covers.I lost the job because of them. then they tell me that they will not refund my money. Too bad there are people out there like this. Good luck if you order anything from them.


(8 Feb 2013) From Earl M Cobbs:

I have never had a problem with the parts ordered from Kanter..until now! Not in the part itself, but trying to get my recore refund of $150.00 on order #8022. Core received by Kanter on 1-15-13.Core fees are allegedly refunded on Thursdays after 7 days. To date, 4 thursdays have passed and Dan Winget will not return my calls.


(25 Feb 2013) From Ted Fior:

this is in responce to a bad time that i had with customer service. after being told that we could not get a refund on the interior that was made wrong. we then called Dan Winget and he has since taken care of everything. thanks to Dan i am back to doing business with kanter. I only wish that instead of getting customer service i got Dan. Thanks Dan for taking care of this. Kanter should be happy they have you to take care of our problems. thanks again, Ted


(5 Dec 2013) From Barry Paterson:

Wish I,d seen this page before ordering from Kanter, you guys are in the states think about us out side the states, in Australia, I ordered a Master weatherstrip Kit, what arrived was three different profiles of weatherstriping 8feet long no mater what I do these will not go around the wind shield and the rear window, so far three different sales people are asking for part numbers and photos.


(8 Dec 2014) From Stanley Shaner:

I bought a front end rebuild kit from kanter back in Jan.everything went good except for a left tie rod end. I called and talked to customer service and was told to send the wrong one back (at my expense) . after 3 months I called customer service to see where my part was. was told that somehow it slipped into the cracks and they would send it out that day. after a couple more months ,I called again and was told the same thing again,by customer service. Its now a couple months later and I still have nothing. I still need a left tie rod end for my Hudson. I guess I will have to start looking elsewhere. I wont deal with Kanter again and will not recommend it to any of my car friends.


(19 Oct 2015) From John Smith:

I will not order again from Kanter Auto Products. Terrible service, wrong product, wrong machining on rebuild of parts. Even though they do not know what is correct, they will argue it into the ground. Good luck if you deal with this company.


(5 Jan 2016) From Andrew Eifert:

i had order a pricy set of front coil spring for my 1937 Buick 40 at the cost of $220+ shipping, first they were several weeks late then when I did receive them they were far from what I would consider a quality product. That spring were in a cardboard bow with no protection for the painted finish let alone the poor quality of paint on the coils i.e. runs in paint and poor quality paint in addition. One would think that people restoring a classic car the product would be delivered finished for show but I the customer now have to strip this paint and have them proberly finished prior to use. In contacting Kanters their position was "that's what you get" with no consideration for the customer. Very poor quality customer service response. It should be stated in the advertisement that the product has poor quality if that is what is delivered. I am a very unhappy camper to say the least for this will add to cost and push my schedule at least three more weeks out in addition to the month late for the wait. Thanks Kanters


(20 May 2016) From Matt Serino:

My experience today did not go as planned ! Service and manners are lacking to say the least on the customer service end . The first person I attempted to place and order with barely said Hello and there was zero response when I asked how they were doing . Then he acted as if I was bothering him because I had more than 1 item that needed to be checked for stock . I told him forget I'm going to drive there to pick up what I need .. I called again to speak to a different employee who again made this ordering process very painful! I added a few items to my list and I said I'd be there in an hour or so. He told me ," no I'll call you " . I started this at 10am on a Friday , keep in mind they close at 3:30 pm . So 2 O clock rolls around and I stroll into the store . A gentlemen who looks important or thinks he is assists me . He's polite at first until he gets on the phone with his employee who did nothing from 10 am on and never called me back in a 4hour window with an hour Half remaining until closing . He gets off the phone and said yeah nothing was done cause he said you were Impatient ! After he insulted me I try explaining I was only coming to pick up the item I knew was definitely in stock he then said I see what my workers saying you are impatient ! Are you Fing kidding !? All of these guys need to be sent to charm school ! I am in the service industry and would not have a job if I treated great customers like you do. My family business has been using you guys for 50 years ! Point being if you have to deal with them just go there cause the guys taking the orders are rude , slow , and lack follow through .


(15 Jun 2016) From Richard Greisberg:

I bought a few fuel pumps from fred Kanter and came back the next week for 5 more. For some reason he opened his shirt to show me his red t shirt with white letters on it that said "IDIOTS FOR TRUMP" . I am a conservative and learned not to try to argue with left wing people. I explained that to him but he kept screaming and ranting not sure why. He was spewing all the left wing lies that the media spread like a puppet and i did not wish to engage I just wanted my fuel pumps. I am 74 and a very strong conservative he was not going to convince me or I him. He was mad as hell but I was composed. He wanted me to go to his computer to show me that statistics for guns, shows that when you take away guns the crime goes down. I said it was false and he said check my computer iI refused and I left with him to call when he pulled the fuel pumps. Called in afew days he said I can no longer sell you anything because you refused to check my computer numbers on gun control. I understand both Dan and fred are left wing persons which is unusual for a car people. Any reco which agency I should use to file a complaint because he refuses to serve me unless I listen to his left wing abuse.. He clearly stepped over the line.


(3 Apr 2019) From Scott Sheridan:

terrible service! placed order over the phone for complete rubber kit 1700.00 they could not confirm billing address match to shipping address, one had unit number and one had apartment number but they did not even check the reason for mismatch. Had my bank call them to confirm and spoke to hot head Dan. I complained about the inconvenience so he canceled my order. Poor customer service!





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The vendor review section of this website is provided as a means of keeping club members informed about practices and experiences concerning various providers of parts and services.  This section contains unedited, unsolicited opinions expressed by members of an online car club. No attempt has been made to bias the opinions, or slant the number of viewpoints on one side or another. All opinions have been included, as supplied.  If any vendors don't like the viewpoints expressed here, they are welcome to provide a rebuttal, which will be posted as well.

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