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From Bob:

A few weeks ago, I wrote that I ordered engine decals from Jim Osborn Reproductions. These included the red & yellow "MOPAR" sticker and the "Imperial" pie pan sticker for the air cleaner. A week ago, before the Sonora meet, I "installed" these stickers/decals, a seemingly trivial task that surely was worth a clip on "funniest home videos".

The decals are perfect and I strongly urge everyone to call Jim Osborn and order them and also encourage him to reproduce other such decals. However, they are made of very thin (and very tough) Mylar that can be a real handful if you don't have a plan. I didn't and started the installation with the air cleaner sitting in the trunk of the car, on the street.


From Mickey (28 Feb 2003):

Go to Jim Osborne's web site and you will find probably any decal for not just under the hood but for the rest of your Imperial also. Not to take away from the fine work that Gary Goers does, or from the guys who are at the car shows, but you can get the stuff directly this way, and you will be surprised at how inexpensive they are. And no, I don't work for them either :) I got a full set of all the various decals and such for my car several years ago, I may have spent 40 bucks for them .


From Paul Whyte: (14 Jan 2013)

I too ordered the air cleaner decal for my '67 along with the filterservice decal. As Bob says the pie plate was a bit tricky to install but looks great. Shipping was quick, too




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