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From Henry:

I purchased the emblems that go on the eyebrows over the'60 Imperial headlights--they are great. They also have the plastic inserts for the Flite-Sweep Decklid for the '60. I recommend trying this source.

Caution: if/when you need '60 Imperial emblems for over the headlights and the plastic disc for the flite sweep decklid, plan WELL AHEAD. Recently inquired and tried to place and order for emblems for my '60 and for a non-Imperial. First, could not order via the website. Second, phone call resulted in a recorded message and phone tag. Read, not an easy process. Then, found out orders require 50% deposit by check, no credit cards. Here's the kicker, a NONE MONTH wait for the Imperial emblems and for one of the non-Imp emblems. Fortunately they had two needed emblems in stock.

The fellow was very pleasant. Told me to go ahead and make the order. I did it by mail. He did not press me for the 50% payment though I plan to follow up that my order has gone through w/o upfront money. I think laying out $250 plus dollars nine months ahead is a bit much even with interest rates at about zero these days. Couldn't budge him from the nine months lead time.

I can only assume they are backed up with other orders, though this seems unlikely to me thinking the economic downturn would slow down orders for expensive repro emblems???

Sooooo-plan ahead.

From Denis (6 Aug 2004):


I purchased an emblem from Emblemagic. They have an email, and are a bit pricey, and my trunk medalion took about 3 months to make, but well worth the wait.


From Mike Woodward (5 Nov 2015):

Not happy...same as above...long wait and expensive...My $250 1961 300g trunk emblem arrived with a crack in it...he tried to hide by wet sand and polish that area only...a visible bubble under the blue portion and it was to big to fit in the bezel...Had to trim to fit and an hour of wet sand and polish to make it presentable...After the complaint call was made, his answer was "Take it or send it back...no redo...that's it, that's all!"..Very disappointed for the $ and I don't recommend emblemagic. Save your money and check your wrecking yard first








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