Jay Leno's 1956 Imperial Newport

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From Skip Ogden:

I just saw the episode of "Home Improvement" I have meant to tell you about. I did not see this on the webpage.

The show is when Tim sold his hotrod. Towards the end of the show, Tim tries to buy the hotrod back. This part is shot in Jay Leno's garage.

In the background is a '55 White coupe. It is shown a number of times but always in the background.

I assume this is one of Leno's cars.

From Jeff Stork:

Although I have not seen the episode of Home Improvement personally, I can tell you that Jay Leno does own a pristine 1956 white Imperial coupe. It's in totally excellent condition, with the Kelsey-Hayes wire wheels.

We see him running around the San Fernando Valley quite a bit with it, and last year he made quite a splash at the WPC show in Woodley Park.


From James T. Bennett:

The April 1997 issue of Collectible Automobile has a story on Jay Leno's cars; his white '56 Southampton is visible (partially) in a photo on page 74.

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