Repair Of The Power Antenna On A 1960 Imperial LeBaron

by Dave Sherratt

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I recently repaired the power antenna on my 1960 Imperial.  This incorporated a new modern antenna with s/s mast and all the connections. The motor and internals on the original were shot!  With the Imperial mast stripped down and a few pieces swapped over to the new one, I managed to get an original looking antenna with a modern motor and workings.

The parts required from the original are:

1.  the small ball on top of the Imperial antenna

2.  the lower main mast which had to be cut down to suit

3.  the main tube that the mast retracts in too, this also has to be cut down to suit the modern mast and workings. 

Using these original parts enabled all of the original chrome fittings to be reused.

The new mast, when fitted, still looks like the original.  The drawback is that when fully extended, it is a couple of inches shorter.  In my mind this is compensated with it having a new coax cable and fittings. The altering of the antenna was simple since the mast sections were the same diameter and the fitting of the old tube over the new was very simple to achieve, with only a small amount of slotting to do.

The type of modern antenna that I used was a Maystar B1041. The total time to build the new antenna was approximately 1 hour.

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