Dash Button Information On Your Imperial's Air Conditioning System

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Question from Henry (1960): 

For a 60 with AC what do the buttons say reading from top to bottom on the right of the dash board. Am adding air to my cvt and don't know which ones I need. So I ask for help so I can tell my parts source which ones I need.

The choices, as I understand it, are an off button, a maxcool button, a fresh cool button, a Def. button, a Heat button, a low fan button, a hi fan button, and an air button. Those are the total choices for both an AC and non-AC car.

Am asking which buttons go on an air car.


From John:

The first 5 are the correct ones for an A/C car. The fan is operated by a pull switch built into the lever that controls the cable that regulates the heat. This setup is entirely different then on the non A/C car. You need to change the entire assembly, not just the buttons themselves.

From Paul:

The blower switch is also completely different. It is incorporated into the temperature control lever.

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