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Question from Max (1962):

I have two '62 crowns, one with air, one without. I've never seen a '62 with dual air, though both my '62s have "dual air" plaques above their rear-defrost switches. Was dual air an option in '62 crowns?

If so, does anyone have a source for rear air parts to make my front air into a dual?



From Jay:

Yes, Dual A/C was an option on the '62 Crowns and LeBarons. I'm not sure it you could get Dual A/C as an option in the Custom trim level, but the original buyer had the bucks and wanted it I'm sure the Imperial dealer would bend over backwards to accommodate them.

Unfortunately I don't know off hand any good sources for "rear" A/C parts. I am looking for the rear A/C intake grille (trim) to replace the one in our Dual A/C equipped '62. Being it's the only plastic trim piece under a window in direct sunlight it has deteriorated and busted up to where there is only about 25% of it remaining.

From John:

It can be done. I have 'upgraded' one of my 61's (internally identical) from single to dual air. Three stars difficulty rating. My 61 book shows the dual air as optional in Custom and Crown, standard in the LeBaron.

From Denis:

I think you can interchange between the '63 and '62.  Anyone have the dimensions from their '62 rear grille and I will find out.

Follow-up from Jay:

I believe that the most important feature to interchangeability would be the mounting hole locations. My guess is that the '63 & '62 used the same rear air unit and hopefully the same intake & exhaust hardware. If the style and material of the intake grille changed between the two years, then it's possible that the mounting hole pattern might be different as well. Engineering-wise, I would think that they took into consideration interchangeability, but who knows for certain.

Lets find out...

There are 6 mounting holes in the grille. One at each corner, and one on each of the "long" sides centered between the corners. It looks something like this...



Dimensions between the four corners...

O 16 1/8 " O

4 1/2" 4 1/2"

O 16 1/8" O

Hope this comes out looking like I typed it...

Now the distance between the two "center" mounting holes isn't 4 1/2" like the four corners, but actually greater at 5" even (give or take a few 32nd of an inch)...

O          O           O

4 1/2"     5"      4 1/2"

O           O          O

If my diagram isn't too fouled up by fixed pitch fonts vs. variable, you get the basic idea.

If the '63 mounting holes are the same or VERY close to these for the '62, I'm a ready taker for a '63 grille.

Question from Rodger (1966):

Our '66 has the dual A/C option. but I have a problem using the rear air since the hosing is in-complete. It is rigged so that only the front unit is
connected. The two hoses for the rear are connected to the hard lines at the firewall and just dangle upward into the engine bay. Any ideas?

Reply from Elijah:

The dual air junctions for 1966 are:

-- the small diameter hose connects to a "T" junction in the A/C line on the RH wheel well next to the #8 spark plug.
-- The larger diameter hose connects at the A/C muffler canister, behind the battery. A special 2-outlet muffler is used with dual air. However, if your car has only a single outlet muffler, the two hoses could come together in a fabricated "T" junction connection just before the muffler, with a resulting single connection continuting into the muffler itself.

Question from Rodger (1966):

I have found a large diameter hose that is part of the dual air that is disconnected. This hose comes from under the right front fire wall. I can not find just where it is to go. The other line is a metal line that is routed next to the fender and is connected to the cooling radiator.

Reply from Chris:

Sounds like the hose that goes across the back of the air cleaner and connects at the muffler - a foam wrapped canister behind the battery.

Dual A/C units use a special two-outlet muffler as the point of connection for the F&R low pressure hoses. High pressure hoses connect at a junction on the right wheel well across from the #8 spark plug.

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