Repair Information On Your Imperial's Air Conditioning System Hoses

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Question from Charles (1963): 

I have a '63 Imperial and I need the part that goes between the HI side hose and the compressor, looks like an in-line filter. I broke mine (stupid) please any help way you can, can I get one or can something be retro fitted. 

Reply from Mikey: 

Seems like you broke the muffler ( yes that's right ) between the compressor and the condenser, just take the pieces to a Napa or similar store and have them look in the buyers guide ( its in the back of the ac parts catalog ) and they can find the new part and crimp a hose to it, or it may be done with hose and fittings, depends on how the parts are made. Murray co. and Everco probably make them, so look for those brands. 

Question from Stan (1981 - 1983):

Where can one get new lines for '81-'83 imperials? It is starting to get hot here in Virginia and I need my A/C to work but have leaky hoses.


From Jack:

As of last summer, they were available at the local Auto Zone at very reasonable prices.

From Bill:

A lot of NAPA stores have the equipment and materials to make new A/C lines.

From Kerry:

Most any shop that builds hydraulic hoses also makes AC hoses. I had new ones made for my 73 a couple years back and it was about 110 bucks for all the soft lines.

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