Repair Information For Your Imperial's Rear Air Conditioning System

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Question from Matt (1966):

My '66 rear air began blowing hot last fall, now the front is too, recharging I'm sure, but are the two related and has anyone worked on the rear air which is a fine feature when functioning properly.


From Kerry:

Humm, I'd think the rear unit had another problem as there is only one compressor and the units share freon. If the front unit was still working there must have been something else. Checking the charge is a definite first step.

From Roger:

I had a problem with a vehicle with rear air. The dealer told me it would cost a fortune because of corrosion in the system, so I drove it on the front air for a couple years more. Then I got to thinking and realized that he was flinging bull. It turned out that the Thermal expansion valve for the rear had a kink in it that bled the fluid out of the valve. The TXV is purely gas operated, and the operation of the valve has nothing to do with the rest of the system. The fluid in the valve evapaorates at a certain temperature, opening the valve which allows cold freon to enter the cooling coils. When the coils are cold enough, the fluid in the valve shrinks and closes the valve. When the fluid in the valve leaks out, the valve thinks the system is cold, and will not allow more cold freon into the evaporator. Go see a real air conditioning mechanic who can diagnose simple problems.

Question from Dick:

I'm wondering if any Imperial of the boxcar variety had genuine dual AC.

Reply from Ken:

I don't know the answer to that specific question, but the '67 Crown I parted had a rear heater. It consisted of a heater core, fan and duct work. Hot water from the cooling system ran in reinforced pipes down the edge of the undercarriage and into the trunk. There was a control on the dash for fan speeds but I don't remember where the temperature control was.

Reply from Dick:

Interesting. Do you recall what the illuminated label on the dash said for this feature's control? The plain air rear fan is labeled "REAR AIR" on my '68. Perhaps the rear heated air device was called "REAR DEF"? There isn't room for much more on the label.

For those without these features, there is a provision for additional feature controls along the lower portion of the left side of the dash. This is where the twilight sentinel, auto pilot, rear air and convertible top controls go. There is a provision for illumination of the controls, with optional metal panels (brass or wood covered for 68/67s) to hide the workings behind the panel.

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