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Question from Marc (1967):

Does an A-7 factory sealed bearing exist for the rear axle of these trusty rear- ends?


From Kerry:

There is an INCREDIBLE variety of bearings available. If you can get a number off the one you have, I'd bet you can find one from a bearing company. Try Motion Industries at I just bought a dozen 1 1/4x 1/2 sealed bearings for an English Wheel I'm building. They were only $4.75 each.

From Roy:

Probably, the dimensions aren't anything exotic. YearONE has a kit with similar bearings, but why bother? The tapered factory type work just fine and are relatively easy to replace with some help from your local automotive machine shop. (Ignore the dog and pony show in the FSM, the machine shop will get the old ones off and the new ones on just fine).

Question from Elijah (1970):

I will soon be replacing the rear axle bearings on my 1970 Imperial LeBaron. Local parts houses offer several brands. 

Does anyone have experience with "Chicago Rawhide"? This is the most inexpensive brand locally, but is this a quality brand? Other options are BCA, Parts Master, and Motor City. I can't seem to find TRW or Timken here in Chattanooga, both of which would be high quality choices. Any advice or experience is appreciated!


From Dick:

Chicago Rawhide (usually called CR) is a very old supplier of oil seals to the automotive industry (which used to be made of rawhide). I was not aware that they carried a brand of bearings, but perhaps these are rebranded from some major brand like New Departure, Fafnir or the like. If your yellow pages does not show a bearing house in your city, I'd contact a major bearing supplier by phone and order what you want. They should be able to cross the OEM number. Also, ordering this sort of thing from NAPA always brings good quality goods, although you may pay a little more than direct ordering from a bearing house.

There are wide variations in bearing quality - I'd avoid bearings from the orient, unless they are made in Japan.

From Jeff:

CR is usually the cheapest. I have used them several times without any adverse effects.

I would go for the BCA, myself. I believe that is what I used in my 65s 8 3/4". I think that most of the CarQuest applications use the BCA, or at least several.

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