Interchange Repair Information For Imperial's Rear Axle

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Question from Tony:

Since I started using my Imperial for wedding hire in order to help with the maintainence costs, I have decided to try and build up a stock of replacement units which I can swap if any major mechanical problems occur.

I am currently looking for a spare rear axel. My interchange manual only goes from '57 to '65 and shows the axel as being the same for all those years. Does anyone know if later models were the same as well? I am assuming that like most parts, the axel is exclusive to Imperials.

Reply from Bob:

Actually, the rear axles themselves are not interchangable for all of those years. They were changed in the early '60s to accomodate changes to the braking systems over the years.

'57-'62 used center-plane brakes, 63&64 used Bendix with tapered rear axels, and the '65 used Bendix with a hob flange mounted on the rear axle.

You may be able to interchange the entire carrier assembly through out all of those years, but due to the above difference in the brakes, this may not be advisable. The third memember itself (differential) I believe will interchange for all of those years. But some may have different gear ratios.

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