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Question from Marc (1967):


Well I got my car back after 6 weeks in the shop having the differential replaced as well as the rear axle bearings - I get it home and lo and behold there is gear oil all over the inside of the tire and leaking on the ground. Can someone tell me what the idiots messed up?




From Bill:


Sounds like the seal was not put in right after the bearing was replaced. If they are not carefully pressed in and in straight this is the result. Add some grease and take it back to them to repair. Give them the benefit to fix it, this is something that could happen even to the best. It's possible they got a bad seal and didn't notice it visibly when they installed it.


From Roy:


Don't sweat it entirely yet. I would hope that they replaced the axle seals and flange gaskets when they replaced the bearings, if so, they may have overfilled the differential. The differential must be filled from a pit with the wheels on the ground, not on a rack. Have the oil level checked at a lube place with a pit, it should be just below the edge of the hole. The fill hole is designed to bring the oil level just to the bottom of the axles and the seals are designed to keep in any residual splashes, while the outer bearings are actually lubricated with grease before installing of the axle.

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