The Straight 8 Engine (1930-1950)

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Read Chrysler's 1948 Master Technician's Service Conference on Engine Power & EconomyA great resource for all Straight 8 engine owners!!

The Chrysler straight 8 was a flat head engine, or an "L - Head". A distinctive feature is the exhaust manifold. On most models, it comes out of the block and goes above the intake manifold then goes down below the intake at the center of intake manifold. The intake manifold looks rather flat on the top side. The manifolds are on the passenger side of the engine. This may help identify it. Packard, Pontiac, Studebaker and others also had flat head eights. If it has been sitting a long time and you would like to get it started again, make sure and check the heat riser valve (flapper) in the exhaust  is probably rusted shut.

Here are some websites that we think will be useful to all you owners of 1930-1950 Imperials that have Straight 8 engines.  These websites have content which pertains to your engine, but maybe not your body style.  We think you can gain important knowledge about your engines from these sites.  Have fun!!

Allpar : Good information on the flat heads.

Chrysler Engine Colors: Great chart of all year Chrysler engine colors and the codes you'll need to paint your engine.

Chrysler Imperial 8: covers early 30's Imperials with some good repair information and pictures.

Chrysler Flathead Engines : all the specifications you ever wanted.

Also, make sure and check out some pictures of Roger Morrow's 1930 Roaster straight 8, as he was in the process of removing it to have it rebuilt.


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