Acceleration Problems Associated With Your Imperial

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Question from Ivanca (1982):

My '82 Chrysler Imperial has a problem accelerating when i press the gas hard, other wise it goes good if i give it gas a bit at a time.


From Dick:

Assuming your car is still EFI, and if you are comfortable with doing your own maintenance, there are 3 steps to tracking this down. You will need the Factory Service manuals to work on this system. They are still available through your Chrysler dealer, or were the last I checked.

First, get a "VOM" (volt-ohm-meter) and check the throttle position sensor. The resistance should change smoothly as you rotate the throttle shaft. Don't disturb the adjustment of the sensor, just make sure all the wires are secure and that the reading is smooth and consistent. I'm betting this is not your problem, but it's the easiest thing to check so do it first.

Second, I suggest you check the flow from the nozzles at the end of the fuel rails. These are easily removed from the Hydraulic Support Assembly. You can than disassemble them and clean out the regulator valves (watch those springs and o-rings!), then spray carb cleaner through the nozzle plumbing to make sure that all 8 nozzles give a good healthy spray.

Third, if the above doesn't clear up the hesitation, the next step is to disassemble the "control fuel pump" and clean out the 20 year accumulation of gelatin and varnish that has crudded up it's interior. This is a tricky operation, you'll need good light, some familiarity with electric motors, excellent manual dexterity, and patience, brother, patience.

If you still haven't cured it, it's time to start swapping components with someone else's car that runs well, or find a better advisor.

If your car is carbureted, your problem is most likely a disconnected link to, or a dried up or damaged accelerator pump diaphragm. Buy a kit at your local friendly NAPA store and change just that one part, don't take the whole shebang apart. (Carburetor repair is definitely of the "let sleeping dogs lie" variety!).

From Joe:


What my mechanic did was to make sure the fuel preheater system was connected. It was more of a problem in the winter months here in Upstate NY.

Question from Bill (1983):

I put my Imperial on the road today and had to ride the brake or it would stall out. I stopped by to see if a mechanic could raise the idle speeed but he said it was probably an electronic module in the Electronic Fuel Control System that sits over the two barrel carb. This is a new development . The vehicle was idle for a few months. Can anyone give me some advice on how to proceed?

The car starts OK but will not idle while in gear, it cuts out and I have to restart it. So I have been riding the brake. My car equipped with the Electronic Fuel Control System sitting over a two barrrel carb.


From John:

If its been sitting a while, something as simple as fresh gas might help.

From Stan:

These car have a motor called the Idle speed motor which controls the idle speed. There is also an adjustment to the speed up the cars idle, on the arm of that motor... I have found that the two nuts that hold the motor to the throttle body will sometimes over time come loss and just tightening them down will help your problem.

From Larry:

Has the car been converted to a carburetor? I had some carburetor trouble with my '82 I changed the accelerator pump and it fixed the trouble. It was a starting problem when the engine was cold.

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