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Question from Rodger:

Who was it that had the 13 1/2" OD Imperial pie plate decals?

Reply from Bob:

Got mine at:

Question from Brett (1959 - 1961):

Every Imperial from '59 through '61 that I've seen has had a GOLD air cleaner.  Is this the correct color for those years?


From John:

Yes, 1959-'61 air cleaners are GOLD. The '62 air cleaner is the same design as '59 - '61 but is BLACK.

For the purists, you can buy rattle cans of "Golden Lion Gold" p/n P4529149 from Mopar Performance or through your local Chrysler dealer.

From Tony:

DANGER! Reconsider that idea, if at all possible - Regular, spray-on paint is too delicate for the gold air-cleaners. My buddy Dick Hamann has to remove a custom-made cardboard slip-cover from his air-cleaner as he arrives at car-shows, because the hood-pad's vibrations against it wear the paint right off otherwise. Personally, I'm going to have my air-cleaner POWDER-COATED shiny gold - That's some tough stuff! I'm going to have it done at: AE Yale, 4055 Pacific Highway, 619/299-7710. Powder coating (GREAT for those black underhood parts that need to look proper for judging at shows) Also excellent for wheels and frames, since this type of painting strongly resists chipping.

Question from Elijah (late 60's):

I believe that on some years in the late '60s, Imperials had a nice chrome or aluminum plate on top of the engine air filter which said "IMPERIAL." Is this true?


From Nancy:

The '67 and '68 Imperials used an anodized aluminum insert that went between the air cleaner cover and the wing-nut and they simply read "I M P E R I A L" in a semicircle running around the insert. Mine seems to be anodized in a goldish finish. 

From Jay:

Yeah, I think I know where you can find one of these IMPERIAL air cleaner "trim." I have seen this piece in factory photos of '66 Imperials and, since our '66 doesn't have one, I have always been on the look out for one. I found two at the Chrysler Bay Area Fall Classic show last October.  There was a man there, John Weaver, who had a booth in the swap area. He had two of these Imperial air cleaners complete with the plate that read IMPERIAL. I talked him into selling me just the plate without the air cleaner. Of course I picked the better of the two, but it's not perfect and has some rust stains and dents in it.

John Weaver
2800 Ashbourne Dr.
Sacramento, CA 95821
(916) 488-2619

From Bob:

My brother came down from Edmonton yesterday and had picked up some parts for me, that I had bought from a fellow up there. But when I went to pay my brother it was $15.00 more than we had settled on. The reason was that he picked up a new still wrapped in paper pie plate with the word Imperial on it. 

From Tim:

The '67 has one of those Imperial pie tins. I've seen them for sale in Hemming's awhile back. They were NOS, and not cheap--about $50, I think.

Question from Ron (1972-1973):

I am looking for a dual snorkel air filter housing for a '72 / '73 imperial.  If such an animal is not available cold a single snorkel unit be modified with a second air tube?


From Kerry:

I have not done it yet but plan on making several dual snorkel units for sale. It would be very easy to take a snorkel from an old cleaner and cut the hole, weld it in, and paint. I guess the issue would be the actual length of each snorkel for the particular car. I have one from a ??? and the two snorkels are not the same length.

From Rodger:

If you should place a single snorkel air cleaner housing next to a double snorkel unit you will see the location of the double snorkel in-let tube is more than just adding a second tube X distance to the other side of the cleaner. The second tube is also without the heat stuff and attachments.

You may go to Ebay and type in Chrysler BB; Chrysler 440; Dodge BB; Dodge 440 or MoPar BB etc ( you get the picture ) to look for a factory unit that matches your car year. The early units have C.A.P. and non-C.A.P. Expect to spend about $ 75 for one of these.

From Brad:

The second snorkel on mine has a vacuum operated valve that closes when the car is cold, directing all incoming air into the normal snorkel that has the heat riser hose attached to it. I bought mine on Ebay for $15.00

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