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Question from Demetrios:

Does anybody know if the AVS 4966S is the spreadbore or the squarebore version? Is this what the '70-'71 Imperials had, or is it the high performance version with the large size primaries?


From Mark:

4966S is a C4-AVS carb used on all '71 440 engines; not just Imperial. In my experience, all AVS's were square-bore. The Thermoquads came in '72 with spreadbore.

From Dave:

That one is "square", and was the general "replacement" for all AVSs for quite a while. Not sure if there was an "original application" for that particular part number or not.

Hmmmm...., - come to think of it, - ALL AVSs are "square".

Question from Brian (1966):

Anyone know the kit# or where I can get one for a '66 Crown 440 4-bbl.


From Elijah:

Your local NAPA should be able to order it for you. Assuming your car still has the Carter AFB, the kit should be easy and inexpensive to obtain.

Last year, I needed a kit for a Carter AVS. I first tried the Advance store down the street -- when I told the counter guy what I wanted, he asked, "Uh, is that a Holley?"


And yeah, I wound up buying that kit at NAPA too. :o)

From David:

You might be able to find a strip kit for your afb on ebay. This has all the different jets and rods for your carb. I picked one up from a mopar shop in Lemon Grove CA. They are getting harder and harder to find.

From Chris:

It is Napa / Echlin kit #2-5582. Works for most years, late 50's to late 60's.

From Matt:

I got my at Autozone a few years ago. I don't remember the price but it wasn't much. They had to order it.

From Rob:

Summit still lists strip kits. Carter re-released the AFB and recently the AVS, so they shouldn't be too hard to find now. Won't help with the gaskets, etc., though.

From Anthony:

I recently went through a mini nightmare trying to locate a rebuilt kit for my 1966 LeBaron. You would think that the Carter AFB 4131S would be easy to obtain; right?! Not in San Antonio, it had to be ordered from Houston and when it got here it was the wrong one! I just received the right kit yesterday so my saga continues. I have to keep reminding myself the damn thing is almost 40 years old.

Question from Bob (1968):

Could one of you Carter users tell me what model number you are using?


From Demetrios:

If I recall, DB had suggested me to buy the 9136 part number (summit racing, do a web search) when I was considering replacing my problematic Rochester. Then, I realized that my intake manifold is from a late 70's engine with a bolt pattern not compatible to the "original" Carter. Cost was $275 if I recall.

From Dick:

This # doesn't ring my bell (I thought it was #9536, but I'm getting old), but I do know that if you call a vendor who stocks them and describe your application, they will tell you what you need. Both Summit Racing and PAW stock them, and I'm sure other suppliers do also. These are actually made by Edlebrock now, but they are the old reliable Carter AFB of song and legend. The worlds truly bulletproof carburetor, as someone has already said.

From Roy:

The Carter AFB that I used was a 4131S which came off of a 66 Imperial. That's not the route you want to take unless you're up to making a couple modifications. I used it because I wanted to keep things as OEM as possible with regard to the choke and linkage, but to use that carb on an intake manifold that held a Holley, you will need to drill a couple holes in the base as well as get the the air cleaner that came with the carburetor or the bottom of a '67 Carter air cleaner because the Carter air horn is smaller. The easier solution is to get a new aftermarket Carter or Edelbrock that have an electric choke and a larger air horn that allows you to use a Holley air cleaner. Also stick with the 500 or 600 cfm models, don't get carried away with the 750 cfm!

From Mikey:

The Carter / Edelbrock number you want is 9636. Its a 625 cfm with electric choke. You dont need to go to Summit to get this info, Edelbrock has a website with it. No sense dealing with some droid in a boiler room answering calls and taking orders all day, go to the source. You can even request a FREE catalog from Edelbrock and figure this all out yourself. Knowledge is for all to share folks, and it is also power...I recommend getting some today! We werent born knowing what we know, so do the smart thing and recognize when you dont know all the details, and then get them.

Question from Dale (1968):

I am looking to get a correct Carter carburetor for my 1968 Imperial. Does someone have the part number for the Carter carburetor that would have come on that year Imperial? Is it the same that would have been used in 1967? My car does have CAP ( at least there is a sticker on the fender liner that says it came with it!)

Reply from Carl:

The 1968 service manual says either the Carter AVS-4429S or the Holley 4160 model R-3918A. I have the Carter on my 68's and it's great.

Question from Jack (1973):

I just rebuilt my tq last night, and followed all the advice I could glean from this site and the web. It looks nice, but the car won't idle and loads up badly. Any thoughts?

The choke seems to be working, and the floats were set to 1" as per recommendation. This is pretty much my last effort before going for an AFB.

Along these lines, is there any adaptor needed to fit a 625cfm carter afb to the spreadbore manifold on my 73? (I have this carb laying around here.)


From Brad:

How are the idle jets adjusted?

From Steve:

I've had quite a few of these with the nitrofill floats that get "heavy". No matter where you set the float level it will still run rich. Did you replace the floats? Does it load up all the time or just when cold. If it's just when cold your choke pull-ff adjustment could be off.

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