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Question from Doug (1955):

I took my 1955 Imperial into the tire shop for the tire rotation and they discovered a gas leak in the rubber FLEX CONNECTOR which is a rubber part with clamps and bolts attached to the gas pipe which joins up to the gas tank itself. The part is not a standard hose with clamps which the local gas station can order. Or if they could they couldn't be bothered to call a supplier. I contacted Gary Goers and he does not have the part. It is located at the tank end of the line on the pipe that goes to the tail light where you put gas into the tank when you go to the gas station. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. 


From Bill:

I would think the easiest fix for this would be to get a short radiator hose that is similar in diameter and cut it to the proper length. If you would take the old piece to your local auto parts store, I'm sure they could match something up with universal clamps as well. To find the exact part would be near impossible and even if you could after all the years, a NOS piece would be suspect to dry rot anyway.

From Allan:

Try www.mcmaster.com . They are a huge supply house that has everything you can think of. Navigating through their site can be tough but if you look for industrial hose or tubing you should find something that will work.

From Jim:

First: Do not use radiator hose... FUEL HOSE is critical.

Second: Go to a DECENT parts place -- one with an old guy who like cars at the counter -- this flex tubing is STANDARD FUEL HOSE. The only problem is that you may have to buy 3 feet of it, and it is not cheap. Repeat: THIS IS NOT EXOTICA.... I have replaced this flex hose on both my 1956's and my 1955 -- not rocket science. AND I got the hose over the counter from a local parts store. Napa, AutoZone, Pepboys, etc. should be able to easily take care of you. The only issues are fuel, diameter, and length. Take in your old hose and be sure the diameter is right.

From Anthony:

I just replaced mine. Take your old hose to NAPA as I did and they will match it up.

From Bill:

If you don't have any luck with the usual parts parts places, all you have to do is look in the yellow pages for an industrial hose supplier, and take your sample with you and they can match it up. I've been doing this for years for all kinds of hoses. As others have suggested, just make sure you tell them it is for gasoline.

From Kerry:

Radiator hoses will not hold up under gas. however, I was able to get 2" and other size gas hose at my local "old auto parts store" You'll never find it at Advance, AutoZone, Pepboys etc.

From Daniel:

Gates makes several sizes of large gasoline-approved flex hose for these kinds of applications. I'd suggest going to a large auto-parts warehouse that sells to the public(they're still around if you look) and find one that will let you go into the back and match something up.

Question from Bill (1964):

Today is the BIG day, the very first time that I have been able to drive my '64 Crown Coupe that I got about 6 weeks ago. I just got back the very well done Master and Booster that I had Karp's rebuild. A friend installed it and got the brakes bled. I had neck surgery about 3 weeks ago and this is really exciting for me as it is only the 3rd time I have driven in the last month, plus it is the first trip in the coupe. It's road trip time!! We slowly and carefully drove down my road into town to feed her. $22.00 and some air in the tires, and we are ready to go. But wait. The attendant says there is gas running all over out of the tank. For the sake of safety, we carefully head back. I get back home and realize that it isn't coming out of the tank, but rather at the junction where the filler neck meets the tank. I didn't get down on the ground and poke around, as I cant do that stuff yet. Bending over though, it looks to me like there might be some gasket or something in between. Is this true? If so what is it? can I make a new one or is it something "special?" If so where can I buy one? Or is it just a fitting that I can snug up ? It will be a few more days before I can get down and play with this, but it is nice to be prepared. 


From Frank:

I think you may be talking about an O-ring that fits at that junction. I have not had to replace mine yet but I have heard it is an easy part to get and common to several years. I think someone even found one at a Chrysler dealer believe it or not!

From Bill:

If it is coming from the filler tube, the sealing item is a grommet that fits into the rear opening of the tank, the tube goes through this grommet. It is a very snug fit that should not require any sealants (live RTV etc). Common to several years is right, easy to get, no. The original part number is discontinued at Chrysler. You just have to look around and find something that fits. They ARE still available from wrecking yards and Mitchell's etc.

Side note: When our tank was seeping fuel, further inspection revealed that it had a bunch of holes on the top surface. Not a pretty sight and very dangerous. A "new" tank was in order.

From Hutch:

I recently purchased one of those grommets from our local Chrysler dealer. The part number is 2880481. It lists at $12.25 and net was $10.41. (i.e. the grommet the fill tube for the gas tank goes into.)

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